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S d diamonds

Article about: Dear Friend, thanks for your data on the movements of old woolens. The enlisted black Sipo/SD uniform did I examine at the beginning of the millenium. Mr. Coleman mentioned to me the black u

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    SD officers really knows how to dress ! What bothers me is the fact that after the WW2 most of Gestapo killers didn't pay for their crimes, instead they were put to work as post war Police force, but on the other hand the Waffen SS brave solders were prosecuted for every little wrong thing done in the heat of the battle !

    Dear Friend, you are quite right that a shocking number of ex-SD and Sipo people got recycled in both the FRG and the DDR. But one cannot say that they got off without a scratch; surely some were prosecuted, but many slipped through. There is an excellent historical literature on this subject. The fate of ex-Waffen SS troops is also interesting and controversial, and there is a fine literature on this subject, too. However, these issues probably belong in a thread devoted solely to these questions in the appropriate rubric here. My purpose is to illustrate historical regalia for historical preservation and to avoid any partisan political or polemical statements that inevitably move fairly fast to shaky ground. Happy collecting. FB
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    I have read where a few w-ss made it to the french foreign leagon.

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    Quote by jim arrasmith View Post
    I have read where a few w-ss made it to the french foreign leagon.
    Ex Waffen SS men went to prison; some went to the French Foreign Legion; some returned to normal civilian life; some even went into the Bundeswehr...and the list can be extended. One should remember that the veterans organizations of WSS and Wehrmacht in the 1950s through the 1970s (when they were a force of sorts..) never began to include all veterans in the FRG of the time. These groups included a small fraction of the millions and millions of veterans, who wanted nothing to do with soldiers and memories of same. I am not sure what happened to ex WSS people in the DDR, but I imagine they got recycled too, actually.

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