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SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm

Article about: hello from Germany, neeed help fot this Item ,It is embroidered with silver thread. Can it be original? Thank you and greetings beauty

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    Another very useful source for information when looking into the structure and development of the pre-war SS is the SS-Personalbefehl publications. The fact that each organisational entity is defined separately makes it relatively easy to look into a particular area.
    Here, for example is an extract from the November 9, 1932 bulletin showing the SS-Flieger section. It informs us that by that date SS-Fliegerstaffeln were also in existence at the district level, in addition to the SS-Fliegerstuerme mentioned in the earlier order of January. Thus one can start to build a sense of the structure of that echelon.
    Incidentally, I chose this particular section as it includes Bittrich who has already made a photographic appearance in this thread.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm  

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    Here is the complete order that Wim was enquiring about that showed the proposed aircraft for the cuff title. Unfortunately it was, as I suspected, in a set of files form Germany that were very badly copied in the original. But for the sake of completeness I have included them here as they add considerable detail to the original order.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm   SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm  

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    Thank you, wonderful material.
    damit, basta.

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    Alright, here's the translation of the above order:

    "The Reichsführer-SS
    Department I f.

    [date illegible]

    SS-Order -D- No. 3

    1.) With SS Order - D - No. 1 of 14th January 1932, the raising of SS-Fliegerstürme (for the time being, 1 Fliegersturm per Abschnitt) was ordered.

    2.) As the basis for forming the SS-Fliegerstürme, the SS-Gruppen and -Abschnitte have already been provided with:

    a) Table of organization for an SS-Fliegersturm of 3.11.1932
    b) Listing of aviation personnel reported to the RFSS so far of 15.11.1932

    3.) In order to be able to take care of all questions concerning SS aviation in cooperation with the RFSS, Department I f, the following is to be implemented immediately, unless this has already been done:

    a) Every SS-Gruppenführer appoints a suitable personality (see no. 4) to command the SS-Fliegerstaffel in the area of his Gruppe (the future SS-Fliegerstaffelführer). The SS-Fliegerstaffel is composed of the SS-Fliegerstürme. (For the time being 1 SS-Fliegersturm per SS-Abschnitt). The person appointed to command the SS-Fliegerstaffel is simultaneously the Referent for aviation matters on the staff of the Gruppe (Department I f).
    b) Every SS-Abschnitt appoints a suitable personality to command its SS-Fliegersturm (the future SS-Fliegersturmführer). These as well as the already appointed SS-Fliegersturmführer may simultaneously be Referenten on the staff of their respective SS-Abschnitte.

    4.) To be appointed as SS-Fliegerstaffelführer and Referenten for aviation matters with the SS-Gruppen are exclusively SS members who are able to prove many years of activity as an aircraft pilot and who are in the possession of a valid pilot's license or are willing and able to re-qualify for one.
    To be considered equal to pilots with many years of activity are former observers on aircraft if they are former military aviation personnel and have flown over the enemy lines, thus having extensive experience. However, the SS-Fliegersturmführer must be pilots who are in possession of valid pilot's licenses and are still active in aviation; the same applies to the SS-Fliegersturmführer at special disposal (z.b.V.). These hold the rank of SS-Sturmführer; they act as deputies to the SS-Fliegersturmführer.

    5.) In raising the SS-Fliegerstürme - which, depending on the local conditions, may also consist of Fliegerscharen and Fliegertrupps - the main idea must be the ability to provide them with the possibility of aviation training. Their locations are to be selected accordingly.

    6.) In the foreseeable future, the possibility to qualify for the A II or B I - pilot's license shall be created by the Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK) with its own school. Here and there, additional possibilities will be found at already-existing clubs for aviation sports. SS men who own private aircraft are to be called upon for training maintenance personnel. Special orders on possible subjects for training as well as suitable literature are to follow.

    7.) In order to prevent any infractions against existing legal regulations of German aviation laws and so as to be able to answer all questions in this respect, it is necessary to provide the Referenten for aviation matters with the following books:

    a) 'Deutsche Luftfahrtgesetzgebung. Reichsrechtliche Vorschriften'
    [= German Aviation Laws. National Regulations], edited by Dr.jur. Alfred Wegerdt, Ministerialrat of the Reichsverkehrsministerium, 2nd edition. Publisher: Gebrüder Radetzki, Berlin SW 48. Price: 9.30 Reichsmarks (hardcover)
    b) 'Segelfliegen. Vorschläge für die Einrichtung von Segelfluggruppen'
    [= Gliding. Suggestions for forming Glider Groups], by Studienrat B. Zinnacker. Publisher: Verlag Quelle & Meyer, Leipzig. Price: 1.80 Reichsmarks (softcover)

    8.) It has been suggested by the NSFK to form at least one registered association for aviation sports in the area of every Gruppe (SA) in order for us to be able to have administrative agencies for operating aircraft subject to private law as soon as possible. The SS-Gruppen- and Abschnittsführer have to remain in closest contact with the respective SA-Gruppen- and Untergruppenführer in this matter, so as to ensure that SS-Fliegerreferenten become board members of such associations, which has already been the case with the SS in some instances.

    9.) The badges worn by SS aviators are: On the right collar patch, the number of the Abschnitt as a Roman numeral* and on the cuffband, the badge of the aviation formations, i.e.:


    These can be ordered from the Reichszeugmeisterei.

    10.) In accordance with the aforementioned order, the SS-Gruppen and -Abschnitte submit quarterly reports - the first one by 1st May 1932 - using the appropriate form. (This is currently with the printers and is to follow.)

    The Reichsführer-SS
    signed: Himmler

    For the accuracy:

    Department I f"

    *) Although not explicitly addressed here, logically the Fliegerstaffelführer - who served on the Gruppe level - should have worn a blank collar patch (which is seen in the photograph of von Schleich in post # 51).

    For those unfamiliar with the terminology used for the units:

    • Flieger- = aviation-, flying-, air-
    • Staffel (pl. Staffeln) = squadron
    • Sturm (pl. Stürme) = SA/SS equivalent to a company
    • Trupp (pl. Trupps) = SA/SS equivalent to a platoon
    • Schar (pl. Scharen) = SA/SS equivalent to a section
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    Bravo, Andreas!
    damit, basta.

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    I still have found no sign of documentary evidence regarding the badge that started the thread but here for those interested, from the LAH/Dietrich duplicate file folders, is further information about the end of this short-lived SS organisation.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm  

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    So, just 1 1/2 years after the order to raise the SS aviation units, they crashed and burned:

    "The Reichsführer-SS
    Command Staff, journal no. 3286

    Munich, 21st July 1933.

    Distribution list III.

    Re.: Disbandment of the SS Aviation Formations

    1. Under the terms of OSAF decree Ch.
    [...]30/33 of 15.5.33, figure d, those members of the SS-Fliegerstürme who withdraw from aviation transfer to the local SS units. The existing SS-Fliegerstürme are disbanded.

    2. The Gruppen and independent Abschnitte take care of the transfers of those members of the SS-Fliegerstürme who do not transfer to the D.L.V. If possible, requests are to be met.
    It is to be striven for that SS aviators below the minimum height of 1.70 meters be assigned to the Motorstürme and technical formations.
    If members transfer to the D.L.V., they are to be allowed to keep their SS identification papers and insignia.
    Files and ink stamps of the Staffeln and Stürme are to be seized by the Commander of SS Aviation, to be handed over to the Reichsführer SS with an inventory.

    3. Concerning seizure of assets, decree No. VA 38778 is brought to attention.

    4. Forming new Stürme from these former aviators is out of the question.

    5. Using the following example, rosters detailing the transfers are to be submitted by 15.8.33.

    The Head of the Command Staff



    Consecutive no. - Fliegersturm - Transferred to - SS no./SS men - Day of acceptance as an SS candidate

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    Bravo, Andreas. Let all members here emulate his intelligence, energy, humor and service.

    Thanks to Mr. Derek for his wonderful research of the key files.

    What a happy contrast to so many other dull and empty threads.
    damit, basta.

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    The perpetual organization and reorganization of the SS is one of its most significant features as an institution, and all these wonderful primary sources
    underscore this point.
    damit, basta.

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    I would like to send my thanks to HPL2008 and d'alquen for their work on this outstanding thread. Their contributions are always first rate. Here is an image albeit a tiny one of the badge in wear.
    SA/SS pilots wings SS Fliegersturm

    I am certain this thread has more info on the SS-Fliegerstürme on an English site than anywhere else. Thanks only to the good will of a few heavy hitters. To them I send my thanks and best wishes.
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