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San-Abt XXVII cuff fake?

Article about: Here's another SS cufftitle from SS San-Abt XXVII for review. But IMO opinion another fake because I count only 5 and 6 silver wires on the edges. And if I'm correct it should be 7 wires isn

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    to comment further on the wonderful tab shown by DrCMH, the rigorous student would learn a great deal by simply observing the embroidery seen here and, keeping in mind such effects were accomplished entirely by hand, letting their imaginations run wild in consideration of the patience and care such a thing would require to produce. the tab shown testifies very well to the concept.

    it is the level of detail observed and the ability to work back in the mind's eye to an appreciation of that skill and care of the embroidering hand that aids the collector in the recognition of the authentic piece. this is the value of all the examples seen here. one can not look too often nor too long.

    a rather expensive book would show far less for far more than one can see on this forum for less in terms of the cost of membership.

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    San-Abt XXVII cuff fake?San-Abt XXVII cuff fake?San-Abt XXVII cuff fake?Attachment 605783In another epoch, women did piece work, cottage work, and such and the skill of their embroidery was of social and economic merit and benefit. This world is dead and gone, of course, but existed in central Europe and gave rise to our objects. The women who made these things worked, in the case of Fahnen Fleck in Hamburg, where they made monograms and such finery for those of means who could afford them, i.e. those bourgeois who imitated nobility with the fetish for crests and proof of fine lineage and good breeding..... The people who embroidered the cuff titles and such were from this branch of the flag shop, which also made very gaudy embroidered flags not just for the military, but all kinds of entities, clubs, leagues, and such that were and are the norm in Germany.

    Today status is communicated by other, less artful and artistic means, but the handicrafts remains a sign of something, of real "value added."

    Our interest derives, in part, from our general recognition of the skill and effort associated with what I describe, and mainly its feminine aspect that also draws my admiration, at least.

    To the bulk of people, however, all such truths are lost in the screaming, pushing and shouting that are the norms on these militaria sites, especially among those figures who, if they heard a piece of artillery be fired in anger, they would fill their pants in fright. Or, who if asked to find a place in Germany on the map would instead point to Patagonia or Central Asia.
    damit, basta.

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    The seven strand is most common but as previously stated, not an absolute rule for authenticity. Six strands do exist that are genuine. I like yours. Please remember these are hand done so at times, variations will be found.


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    Started a new thread on this cufftitle. Sorry. Cufftitle came in the mail today. Here's the link.

    SS San-Abt XXVII cufftitle to share

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    The data we arranged a year or more ago remains as valid in the year 2014 as previous.
    damit, basta.

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    Krisse, nice solid cuffband.
    Also the blue backing cloth is quite common for certain RZM bullion embroidered cuffbands.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture San-Abt XXVII cuff fake?  

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