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Shocking cut off insignia set

Article about: I just was informed about this as it was posted on another forum, but the link to where it was exposed is from the WAF. Words fail me on this. A stripped tunic was said to have been carefull

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Do let me say that your first post, to my mind at least, did plainly imply that Bruce Herman was responsible for this issue and it is well that you here clarify your statement.
    I am sorry you read it that way, but if you read my first post I did not mention the source of the items or in any way imply that the seller had any hand in the matter, I merely expressed my shock that such a thing had been done to an historical item and posted a link to one of the forums where the matter had been raised. I don't know why you thought I implied that Mr Hermann had any hand in the matter, as I clearly did not post any comment to that effect and perhaps you merely read what you thought I implied, though why you thought that I cannot understand.

    Whilst as you mention in an earlier post of yours that such things have happened previously, much like the digging of decals, those kinds of practices are no longer considered acceptable by most collectors these days as far as I understand these things.

    "In the second piece, the mutilation of uniforms has been going on by collectors and dealers as long as I have collected, which is more or less forty seven years." post #17

    This will almost certainly be my last post on the matter as I have an early morning journey to the airport, though when I return I will be able to add more if that is required. I will probably have a quick look before I leave in the morning, so if need be I can comment then if I have time.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Unfortunately, these type of things happen all the time in the collecting world. Bruce is a reputable dealer and bought the parts to sell not knowing the previous history of the piece. What is done is done and it can never be redone. I recall being shown the 19th century rubbing of the tang of an intact, signed Japanese tachi from the late 11th century. My teacher then showed me a photograph of the same sword minus the signature. He explained that some numbskull collector in the late 19th century was told the signature was a fake and he had it removed. The problem was that it was genuine! Stupidity can be found in all cultures.


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    Just to clarify, is this the collar of the tunic that used to be complete?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Shocking cut off insignia set  

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