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SS Affe

Article about: Name: \\$_85.JPG  Views: 0  Size: 57.8 KB  ID: 920230 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> Any thoughts about this marking on the period affe? Thanks! Regards, E

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    Thank you. The tag says it is a canvas model, but it is also the fur type.

    Now you have some sense of the originals, at least.
    damit, basta.

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    Perfect! Thanks a lot!

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    Quote by Pascal BERNHARD View Post
    Faked markings IMO

    M5/52 : "M" .... = Metal parts...

    should be "L" .....
    I had to laugh what Pascal pointed out as he is 100% correct as M5 seen below designates Uniform accessories. A Poor attempt by the faker. Below is the "M" Metal Table of metal related RZM codes and beneath that the Over all RZM markings that were used on all other controlled produced items and accessories.

    The letter "M" seen before a number is a metal license prefix. Listed below are 12 prefixes of materials controlled by the RZM.
    M/3-Symbols and emblems
    M/4-Belts & buckles
    M/5-Uniform accessories
    M/6-Aluminum products
    M/7h- Dagger sub-contractors ( not seen )
    M/8-Metal accessories
    M/10-Musical instruments
    M/11-NSDAP Long service medals
    M/12-NSDAP "Miniature" Long service medals

    Included below are the other prefixes also pertaining to the RZM control.

    RZM - A Ausrustung / Outfitting
    RZM -B Baumwolle / Cotton and fabrics
    RZM - D Dienstkleidung / Service clothing
    RZM - E Einzelhandel / Retail trade
    RZM - G Grosshandel / Wholesale
    RZM - H Handelsvertreter / Trade representatives
    RZM - K Kleidereinzelhandel / Retail clothing
    RZM - L Leder / Leather
    RZM - M Metall / Metal
    RZM - V Verkaufstellen / Retail outlets...also worked in conjunction with RZM E
    RZM - W Wolle / Wool
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    SS AffeThe varieties of leather works and artisan licenses is in the L category.
    damit, basta.

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    Big thanks again

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