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SS Allgemeine Parade Dress Lt. Colonel Comments original or ? and maybe value?

Article about: Neophyte here, any help appreciated. Thank You. Ll

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    Default Re: SS Allgemeine Parade Dress Lt. Colonel Comments original or ? and maybe value?

    Mr Friedrich what can I say?What can anyone say about you,your knowledge and you skills? God bless you!
    Notis aus Griechenland

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    Default Re: SS Allgemeine Parade Dress Lt. Colonel Comments original or ? and maybe value?

    Thanks to all. Sorry if I sounded arch. I will keep rolling the rock up the hill and enduring its fall upon me once again, since my interest in this stuff is diminished, but unbroken. The impatience and ignorance of the present reflect generalized trends, which Bob and I can inveigh against, but with little effect. No one has patience today, and how can you in a world of some many distractions and superficial nonsense that camouflages itself as profound wisdom. What is wisdom, then? Highly discounted and dismissed in most cases, and please do not think that I know much about this stuff. I don't .

    Besides, these threads give me a chance to post pictures of cafes and women, among my more enduring interests disconnected from foetid woolens, "sculls," and holy stitches of Saint Robert of Lubstein. Surely I would like to extract a tip when I offer some hard won knowledge, but the business model of these sites is defective that way. Once more, I do not know much at all, really. The person here knew more than all of us combined, but he or she is silent.

    Thanks for the kind words and may your foetid woolens multiply in the new year, while cheating the effects illustrated here.....Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snapshot 2010-01-13 19-24-44.jpg 
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Name:	kf2.JPG 
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Allgemeine Parade Dress Lt. Colonel Comments original or ? and maybe value?

    Quote by Bob Hritz View Post
    There is a new trend in collecting that I find rather disturbing. I do not understand why anyone would collect any object in which he has no knowledge. The collector should be most knowledgeable and should know exactly what to look for and disregard the story, that is free, with a costly purchase. If you do not know enough about what you wish to collect, reach into your pocket and use that money for the best references available. Spend time talking to fellow collectors and go to the shows where you may examine material to test your own knowledge. Know what insignia is worn on which tunic. Know the manufacturing techniques of the pioing, the insignia backing material, the threads or aluminum bullion, period garment materials, techniques of sewing, types of thread used, and become an expert at every possible part of the tunic.

    I believe my friend, F-B, has the patience of a saint when looking over the material that is posted, making comments and showing original material, only to be 'rewarded' by having his eyes assulted by the swill that is once agin posted. Is anyone, today, serious about collecting, or does everyone want someone else to do all the work? As F-B has mentioned, the acquisition of his knowledge has been expensive. He did not wake up, one day, to discover his skull was now full of details of authentic SS garments and headwear. It was a process of years of study, and learning from the mistakes, that brought enlightnment.

    We all want to help, but there must be some effort, other than posting photos of something that can be gotten for bargain price, to learn and discern the authentic from the pathetic fake.

    Bob Hritz
    Thanks. Your expertise well exceeds mine, as your collection is among the world's leading examples. Your struggle to learn is as much the foundation of this and other sites as any. Without patience no understanding of the past is possible. Thanks for the kind words. We want this to be the leading site, a sentiment which carries me a long way when I read the drivel on the other sites. I do not mind sharing what I know, however little it is, if people are polite and gracious. They generally are here in contrast to elsewhere. There is a disembodied quality to this post modern communication which I dislike a lot.

    Happy foetid woolens. See illustrations below.
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 12-18-2010 at 06:50 AM.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Allgemeine Parade Dress Lt. Colonel Comments original or ? and maybe value?

    We do not want a circus as happens on certain more trafficked sites.Name:  Sarrasani---cirucs.jpg
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Size:  21.5 KBName:  Barnum-and-Bailey-Circus1.jpg
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Name:	verkehrsunfall_berl_158294k.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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