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SS Armband

Article about: This armband now has a new home, I'm looking for a good frame to put it on my war room wall for now. Thanks for the helps on this one guys, it's very cool to add my first SS item to the coll

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    Default SS Armband

    Gents, I grace your doorstep again with another offering. I hate to do 'real or fake' threads but that's basically what I'm asking here. I've found it for sale and I would like to add one to the collection, but SS cloth scares my pants off. Comparing it to others my amateur eye says it has a chance.

    Thanks for your time

    SS ArmbandSS ArmbandSS Armband

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    looks a good one from here, something that the fakers don't replicate.....yet, is the stitching along the top and bottom, one side it's black, and the other red, which this appears to have, and it has some nice age to it

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    Looks good to me too! Compare with my example

    Attached Images Attached Images SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband 
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    Default Re: SS Armband

    Lovely stuff I thought it might have a shot but I'm not confident enough to take the stabilisers off yet with these. I will pursue this one I think. Sorry to be vulgar and talk of cold currency but any idea of a fair price?

    Thank you chaps, I appreciate your insight

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    250 ish sometimes up to 350 with a label

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    a Legit piece, like said above
    Kind Regards,

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    Thanks for the comments guys, I have sent him an offer.

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    I agree, looks a nice three piece example. Good luck with the chase!


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    Default Re: SS Armband

    A decent and worn authentic armband. No red flags on this one. If you can get it for under $4-500, that would be reasonable. A shame it has no tag, but it was there, in any case!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS Armband

    Well I managed to get this one gents, thanks for the assist. It should be landing tomorrow

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