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SS Cap

Article about: I think so too, cupal Zimmerman I think. Just a repaired pin that went through to the outside. That's what the seller told me anyway.

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    This guy has been trying to sell this cap in the NE England , i haven't seen it but a dealer i know has and didn't buy it , why would anyone sell a cap like this on e bay ???
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    I am surprised it has not been removed from fleabay.

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    If you notice, there are no straightforward shots of the cap (the seller claims its per ebay's symbol rules). Quite a leap of faith for that price...


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    The seller has clearly failed to show close up photos of any part of the cap, and if he is expecting to get that much money for it, he needs to provide many more pictures for sure.

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    "Elite German Officer's Cap"

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    I checked the web site, and it seems like the same cap, seems like a very nice cap, and insignia set.



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    The cap shown on fleabay is the same cap shown on Keith's site. He sold it a while back, and it is a good cap. Now my question is....... Is this the same cap which this seller has put up for auction? He's using photos that do not belong to him. Why use old photos and not your own?

    It could be a scam, but if it's gen, then at 1500 it's a bargain.

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    why would anyone sell a cap like this on e bay ???
    My thoughts exactly Paul

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    If this cap is original, he should atleast have taken his own pics... ATLEAST...

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    The cap on Keith's site looks good, but it needs a hands-on.
    I doubt he sold it for the starting price it is listed at on Ebay, which, coupled with the re-used pics, makes me suspicious....

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