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SS cap on ebay for $1250.00

Article about: This is on ebay, right now. What are the chances it is legit? For \\$1250.00 He has an officer's dagger for \\$1000.00

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Bravo, a forceful figure of speech. In the beginning, there were some nice pieces, but such soon ended. Ben VK struck a non stinking you know what recently, but such is plainly the exception.

    The place to find real SS pieces tends to be among those who hold them, glamor dealers, and sometimes in parts of Los Angeles or Philadelphia or somewhere similar where one is simply party to great luck. Robert H finds the stuff in Germany, but he has magical powers. I prefer the break up of old, established and little known collections, myself. I have surely overpaid, but I do not have the time to look in the nooks and crannies that are laden with magic and great lore of bargains and miracles.
    Before EBAN made the deal with the Holacaust musem to dictate what items our fighting men brought back as trophies, could be offered. I bought some great items from families who wanted or needed money for those items. The auction was a fair and open way to do that for everyone. Now we as a collector group, are censored as to what we are able to be offered. THAT CENSORING CERTAINLY IS NOT WHAT THOSE SERVICMEN FOUGHT FOR! THE PEOPLE THAT WE RESCUED, NOW TELL EBAY WHAT THEY SHOULD ALLOW WHAT FREE AMERICANS SHOULD BE SEEING, AND OR COLLECTING. THATS IS NOT GRATITUED, THAT IS DICTATORSHIP THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM THEY WERE RESCUED FROM. Things are now turned up side down from what WW2 was fought for, and against. A special interest group, doesn't consider the rights of others, and neither does ENAY!!

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    these were a great find
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS  cap on ebay for 50.00  

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