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SS Collar Tab for review.

Article about: Hello I would like some opinions on this SS collar tab Thank you all in advance. Raymond

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    No sense buying a controversial item. Seems counterintuitive to me.

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    Circuit advertisement SS Collar Tab for review.
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    Quote by Arran View Post
    I too would pass on this tab; it doesn't "speak" to me at all. Fatter piping is more common on early officers' tabs...
    The best of the season to another of our finest, most learned and gracious members!

    Arran has an extremely refined sense of SS items, with a startling command of the challenges and hurdles we all face.
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    damit, basta.

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    Since it seems we are expressing thanks and seasons greetings here allow me to express my warmest thanks and best wishes to those who have shared so much here. Especially F-B, d'alquen, HPL2008, Mr. Coleman and of course Ade. F-B deserves a special level of thanks for his valiant efforts. The subject of California I know well as I live in the charming Santa Barbara. I will not comment on the glamour dealer from down south.

    So from the spirit of the former Potter Hotel Happy Holidays to all.

    SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.

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    SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.SS Collar Tab for review.Dear Colleague, thanks for all you have done for us, in turn and the very best of the season to you. Thanks for all your wonderful support.
    Santa Barbara, California is an especially appealing place, and the memory of the mission as well as the Potter Hote strikes the right chord with us alll.
    Since I somehow and indirectly know something of nice hotels in California, USA from a remove of space and time, here is something to consider with nostalgia. SS Collar Tab for review.
    damit, basta.

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    SS Collar Tab for review.No collar patches here, at least that I can see, and it is a fine thing, indeed. No "crimped prongs," and you cannot say that these young men have the problem of "failure to launch," as they are selling newspapers in the middle of Market Street, San Francisco, Cal. to one and all on the cable car that once ran there.
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    damit, basta.

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    This image was made more or less prior to 18 April 1906 whereupon the city was no more.
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    damit, basta.

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    and I shall close my outburst with this scene from a film which I associate with these pictures and my unbounded nostalgia, as politically incorrect as it may be.
    damit, basta.

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    Wow, lots of veterans and the finest of the hobby commenting in this thread. Don't think for one moment that the lurkers like myself aren't absorbing bits of knowledge from it.

    I do agree there's no substitute for seeing these items in hand. I ask questions about the things I've bought, with the intent of gaining some confidence for the purchase. Oddly though, in the end, the answers to my questions provided here seem to have the best value when the item has arrived at my house and I'm looking at all the details and minutia. I come equipped with the knowledge of what to look at, but the real education is being able to look at those things with my own eyes. For this reason, I find myself reluctant to purchase SS items just yet. Though, I have found two or three of that type, mostly on the charity and mercy of those who commented on this thread.

    Keep learning, studying, and reading those books you mentioned using!

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    Thanks to Avenger for a fine post. Best of the season to you as well.
    damit, basta.

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    Well actually this tab came off the E-Stand on WAF and was liked by 2 people with no other adding in. Also the armband I posted awhile back came from Uniforms of The NSDAP who a lot of people on WAF said is a good guy but most did not like it. I know every dealer can not perfect so I just told him I was no longer interested. I have met Ed Anderson and Mark Hull at a few shows one in Hayward and one in San
    Jose. The show I went to in San Jose was very slow and mostly Vietnam era items but hey were some German WW2. I have had a table at both shows and I like to go regardless and talk to other people.
    I work mostly weekends so it does not give me much time to go to shows. I wanted to go to the show in Hayward in October but I just had my right hip replaced so I was not able to.

    I am mostly like daggers,bayonets,armbands some NSDAP items but my passion is for SS items mostly.
    Thank you all again.

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