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SS Collar Tabs, Opinions Please?

Article about: Hi guys, could you please give me your opinions about these Collar Tabs, thanks, Juan

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    Quote by jamoros View Post
    More Pictures...
    The text of book that these photos comes from says of this collar patch: 'This example was recovered by British Intelligence immediately after the war still attached to a section of tunic collar'. Does seem very odd on that they have been brought together with the LAH shoulder strap cypher in the modern photo in the book.

    As has been said by our forum experts already there is no way that these improvised patches can be proved to be genuine - they could be proved to be false (for example by use of modern materials) but there is no real way to prove them genuine.

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    Bucket of rusty nail water solution aged?

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    The owner of these collar tabs bought them some 30 years ago

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    These things are starting to pop out all the sudden. This is the second pair i have seen in a month. Red flags to me. For one, and i think most collectors agree, is that this type of particular tab is extremely rare (original examples). Various Books have them in them, but its just something that is rarely seen online and then for multiple pairs to show up suddenly makes me take a step back. As for these, they look fake aged. I would not come close to these and would pass.

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    These look even faker then the ones starting this tread , and found with a metal detector ! As for buying these 30 years ago ,fakes have been around since before the war ended . Why buy such a controversial piece , save your money and buy something you know is real .

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    Cheers mate, thanks for your kind advise, no way I am buying these, even if I knew for instance that they could have a chance to be good, 100% of our Fórum colleagues disagree, have told the seller about my views (your views) and I can call this a day, Best Regards, Juan

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