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SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.

Article about: I know one of the members here has always been interested in the date of the transition from coloured bordered cuff titles to the aluminium version. Here, from the January RZM sheet, is a re

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    It appears I have the bugle, drum, sticks ,hanger, belt, straps ...etc. I acquired them when they were added to and included with a TK Musiker Tunic I purchased. The seller didn't want to separate it, which I was fine with as they are really nice. Do you know if they originally belonged to the original owner of your tunic? I understood it as you still have that tunic? As at first glance I got nervous as my TK piece is the same rank. At closer look they appear to be made from different material.

    I had our amazing mutual friend Mr. Delich go over mine to be sure everything was original to the tunic when purchased. Still at first glance I was slightly nervous, until reading your post again. I would love to see a picture of the right collar tab if you were inclined. It is very satisfying to sometimes be able to reunite items that have been separated. I just recently reunited the two Ludcke tunics with the Tux I already had.

    This is I believe my first post here other then I sent you a PM once. I try to keep quiet and learn as I am lacking the amazing knowledge most of you all have. But my passion and interest to learn is not lacking in the least.

    Hopefully I don't mess up on posting this and I will see if I can include some pics. If I do please forgive me.


    :SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.   SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.  

    SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.  

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    Circuit advertisement SS Coloured borders for cuff titles.
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    Thanks. Your musical things were originally Mollo's and are the prototype in the book. I am sure Delich can confirm that. I did not want them when I bought the
    Sta. 81 tunic from a noted Canadian collector. I guess they went from him to the mutual friend who had the black SSTV tunic. There is not much of this stuff,
    and what you have is all of fine quality and excellent provenance. Well done.
    damit, basta.

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    The Sta. 81 tunic was sold to me as all being organic, but it is not at all. The ensemble was put together in the UK at some point.
    The Canadian collector was famous for his helmets. I bought a couple of black uniforms from him, but this was early in the last decade, when
    these things were somewhat more plentiful. They have all mostly dried up.

    Happy foetid woolens and enjoy your items. Don't worry about them so much.

    If something has passed muster with David Delich, then it is more than alright.
    damit, basta.

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    Thanks for your reply! I had heard that Mollo was one of the previous owners. To be honest I didn't really want them at the time I purchased the tunic but the seller didn't want to separate them, even though they were not originally together. But I am happy I have them now as they have grown on me.

    I owe Dave an immense debt of gratitude as he has kept me from making quite a few major and costly mistakes. He is always willing to help and share his knowledge. I have complete trust in him.

    Also I wanted to tell you what a great job you have done here. The amount of information you all have made available is priceless. In fact I have had the intention of becoming a supporting member for way to long but will get to it ASAP! It is very nice you don't make people pay to be able to post pictures or have access to this knowledge.


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    Thanks for the kind words. We are are devoted to sensible inquiry at the proper level worthy of the topic, versus what goes on with the other site.

    Our goal is knowledge, but it is a pretty tough requirement, especially when certain troublesome few persons revolt against its rigors.

    Happy collecting.
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