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SS Croatian Bevo shield ??

Article about: Hi what are your thought on this bevo shield the (a) appears bigger but im still not sure I have no experience in this field i tried to compare it to others i could not find any thank you fo

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    Quote by Dean View Post
    Thanks for the info! I learn something new everyday.
    You & me, both.

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    Circuit advertisement SS Croatian Bevo shield ??
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    Quote by tony75 View Post
    thank you all for the info and help great pics
    so i take it its original
    thanks again for your time and help
    It looks okay to me but I have never seen one of these "in hand" so I have nothing to compare it with, other than your photo.

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    I think that things can get a bit blurred with volunteer shields because some of the foreign units like the Croat, French, Latvian, Estonian started out as Heer units and originally wore regular army insignia together with the appropriate National shield.
    Later, these same units were adopted by the SS as part of an overall transfer of control to this organisation, which resulted in a revision of insignia to their new parent group (the SS) who provided them different style badges.
    As ever ,however, many of the older recruits preferred to retain their original style shields so variations of old and new would often be present at the same time.
    I am not aware of the shield type shown at the start of this thread ever being worn on an SS tunic.

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    Quote by Dean View Post
    Im not completely sure, but I thought these were only SS volunteer patches. I have an SS aserbaidschan volunteer sleeve patch.
    Dean, is this an SS or a Heer volunteer badge ? I have one too and always thought it was Heer

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    I hope it is original, very little survives of, what I believe to be an outstanding unit, treated appallingly and slaughtered post-war.

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