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SS doctors outfit and trunk

Article about: In view of SS ideology, and the attention that Himmler devoted to various similar pseudo/scienctific/medical research, it doesn't surprise me terribly to see the SS Arzt title. I am far more

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    well said ade
    goodbuys i would advise you to listen to what everyone has said especially ade (very smart bloke) and take some pictures without the ss stuff and then people here can advice you on what to do next. bear in mind this is one of the few forums that really do help people with professional advice if you don't want it don't post (its quite simple)


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    Circuit advertisement SS doctors outfit and trunk
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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Ade,I statedthat i was not aware of the previous eagle and i did not have the means to bring this out.I am aware that you were close to closing me out of the forum.I will say the way their posts were stated their was an implication that i humped up the whole outfit.In my case some of the members were a bit over the top in there statements would you agree?.I am not the king of German regalia and some of these guys talked to me like they were.I know you dont need this B.S. and i will no longer get into the verbal battle with any of them and would you agree enough is enough! You run a fine forum and rest assured there wont be anymore of this.I would appreciate it if they start that you address them if needed again.I started in late 1969 and i have seen stuff that would get to anyone with the junk,repros,put togethers,etc.Their were no forums and very little info.When littlejohn and dodkins put out there books and then Angolia and Atwood we finally got to see the unique regalia.Of course their are dozens and dozens of books now and i tell all the new and novice guys to buy as much as you can.I have many, many books including the aforementioned.You did what you had to do and i know you have no desire to put any members off.Reguards.Carl PS. I bought the whole thing 16 years ago on a tip from a friend and i [believe me] have very little involved in it.In fact i was offered a nice buck from an antique lady who wanted the trunk!

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Thanks Carl.

    Let us all put this behind us now.

    Times have certainly changed since many of us first started out. I wish we had the net back then. Would have saved much heart ache.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Where do I start?

    I could start by issuing infractions or suspensions or simply banning from the forum.

    However, I will say this one final time. Any more repetition of ranting like this I will simply go for the latter option. Clear?

    This forum is not like others and I will not stand for behaiviour like this. Right, I will put my big stick down and lets get back to talking objectivly in a calm manner.

    1) The tunic clearly has massive issues. It was once a Heer tunic. This is agreed.

    2) Shoulder boards: these have really odd underlay as already observed by several members. My take is the underlay was added to make them SS.

    3) Sleeve eagle. Simply measuring an eagle is not enough. Fakes will be dimentionally correct in overall size. Now I don't wish to put words in Panzer 2's mouth: But do you mean a Karl Sieder fake? (These are well known copies from the 1990's and fooled many back then.) The dealer you mentioned certainly has his share of fakes.

    4) The piped trousers are original but Heer transport.

    5) Death notices. These appear to be original.

    6) The trunk. The issue here is the naming. Who knows on this.

    7) The swagger stick: I must admit I an not crazy about the quality of this.

    I would say, if this were mine I would re-read some of the very valid points made in this thread. My reaction would be to step back and take it on the chin as being a bad put together group. I have no idea what this cost, but given how prices have risen, perhaps all is not lost? What would I do? I would remove the all the SS insignia from the tunic, take better decent close up pics to determine originality of the collar tabs. Remove the sleeve eagle and black underlay from the shoulder boards. I would get the tunic dry cleaned and sell it on as a stripped Heer tunic. The death cards would recoup some money. Although the trousers might have a suspect name in them, these could be sold on in good faith if the name was mentioned as being possibly suspect.

    This is my honest advice.

    I will now re-open the thread.

    Cheers, Ade.
    i agree with all of above ade put it in better words then i could ,yes thats the name of the eagle i was thinking of the boards set me back with the black under lay did not want to say more with out better photos

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Although I do not have any faith in this piece due to the confusion with the title of "arzt," i would like to state that I have seen period pictures of SS officers attending a Heer advanced training school wearing both the SS sleeve eagle and the Heer breast eagle on their tunic. Unfortunately, such an original tunic modification could never pass muster in today's collecting community without rock solid provenance.


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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    I will take the rainbow road on this thread by not speaking on the piece per-se nor the discussion. I will merely say that if you have a piece that brings you joy, takes you to a time gone by, speaks to you, or has some special meaning to hell with all others. I have some pretty neat items that my grandfather brought back from Okinawa and Sipan in the Pacific. I have never posted them. I may never. Only for my personal feeling that these are my family pieces. They will never belong to anyone but my family. Authenticity and monitary value are not concerns of mine. What I wish to convey is for most (me included) this is a hobby that helps relieve stress. Lets not make it give us more gray hair!



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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    At least you are a gentleman and i agree with you 100%.The guys who ripped into the outfit are not going to make me lose my membership.Ade Stevenson was close to banning several of us.I as you said dont need any gray hairs over this. A few other members rallied with me to at least give the rippers a negative.What got me angry was the member [no names] who called me a prima donna and said i wrote a book and he didnt care that i did.These statements really were off the wall and as Ade wants no more of this i will not say anymore.I never said i wrote a book and the prima donna statement was something that as a young man like yourself would have meant a different situation and thats all i really want to say.Most of my pieces will go to my son and he doesn't like me to talk about my passing. Enjoy the items your grandfather brought back as they are from the greatest generation!Carl

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Bob,At least you answer like a man and i know that you have great knowledge of SA,NSKK,NSDAP,ETC.The Feldherrnhalle tunic was a very rare piece and i enjoyed seeking it as well as the NSKK.I have researched the SS eagle and the boards and i wont comment on anything as i told Ade i will not start a new bunch of stuff.Carl

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    Ade gave you a second chance Carl but you just won't let it go will you?

    For the record, this what I said about prima donnas. It was a general statement about having zero tolerance here for that kind of thing and not aimed at one person in particular.

    The book thing I must be mistaken about because I thought you said that you'd written a book or some such thing.

    Quote by BenVK View Post
    Carl, you might have written a million books for all I care, same rules apply for everyone here and we don't harbour prima donnas on this forum.

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    Default Re: SS doctors outfit and trunk

    What got me angry was the member [no names] who called me a prima donna and said i wrote a book and he didnt care that i did.
    A very analitical member, who has quite a lot of knowledge when it comes to cloth
    Personally I have, and will continue to do so, put items up for discussion. I do take the good with the bad, and sometimes (as can be varified) I have caught a cold. It hurts when someone says that your pride and joy is not what it first seems, and if anyone cannot take negative comments, then it's simple. Don't post.

    This forum is unlike any other that I have known, and that is thanks to the mods that run this ship. I know several personally. I am not a lover of "other" forums because I know people on there empire build. But this forum is not like that. Ok some people give opinions on things they know nothing about, and they should be carefull on what they say, but by and large the people that comment on "high end items" actually know their stuff.
    No one will know for certain about any TR artifacts, because those of us that have served, know only too well that the troops on the ground, will improvise adapt, and overcome.

    Excuse the rantings of a 40 year collector (and dealer), but i would hate this forum to sink to the level of others

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