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SS Eagle help!

Article about: Hey guys, So I just stumbled across this the other day and would like to know more about it. Is this real or a fake? Thanks so much for all your help in advance Josh

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    it was, i was just there...hold on.... Summer Vacation Militaria

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    Just click the link, sorry, wrong addy for site the first time.......,lol

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    Quote by Newbie View Post
    go to ......SS insignia page. Karl has 2 unissued wool/embroidered versions for $245, one tunic removed for $195. Karl is super nice and a great guy to deal with !!!!
    Sorry but that;s the last guy he should buy from on earth , He will never get to see it that guy is quick to take your money ! and never emails back

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    While Karl may not be that punctual at replies to emails. I have bought from him on several occasions and been 100% happy. His shipping is fast, and all his items are 100% real, at a fraction of other dealers prices, like The infamous Collectors Guild. I would buy from Karl again, and again. Also love dealing with Paul at, fantastic guy also !!!!

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    Why don't you first take better picture's of that eagle?

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    You might check the classifieds on this site (WRF).

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    SVMilitaria certainly seems to be very reasonable on his helmet prices. Almost too good to be true.

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    @ Glenn66 , not to good to be true. Here is the deal, WAY to many dealers are used to jacking up the prices so they make 30-50% profit. Those days are long gone !!!!! Prime example, my first purchase with svmilitaria was a Finish/German badge. Karl was the 3rd dealer i found who had one. The other 2 dealers want double what Karl did !!!!!! Obviously Karl is still making a profit, or he wouldn't sell for what he does. Far to many people get caught up in the greed and prices of days long ago. Karl understands what it is like to be a collector and how much , sometimes it is a struggle to save for these items.... he has realistic, affordable prices !!!!

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    Just emailed Karl hopefully he gets back to me so I can get my hands on a real one!

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    Poor copy with some sloppy detail, Bill has some at the ruptured duck.


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