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SS field jacket....maybe

Article about: So I came across this jacket a couple weeks ago. I have recieved mix results from local collectors and other sites. I was hoping to get more insight into this item from you all. These are th

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    There are buttons and snaps on the jacket. the buttons are located on the collar tabs and 5 along the back of the neck collar. I could not see any writing on the buttons.

    The reason I believe it is from ww2 is because of the black light test, the jacket doesnt glow at all. I know after ww2 people added something to laundry soap that makes clothes glow under uv light.

    Maybe I have the wrong col. Canton, could he be a german or italian and this is his actual jacket. I know records are sketchy on the axis side so I'm not sure if I could find out.

    Thanks for all the comments so far, its helping me a lot. I just want to be honest with people if I choose to sell the jacket.


    SS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybeSS field jacket....maybe

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Materail can be war time (im not familiar with this camo), field made items are hard to authenticate, because people made stuff post war.

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    I don't think those buttons are WW2 German...possibly post war German.....snaps look post war....4 hole buttons look like post war British......colours of cam look very vibrant, I reckon this was made in the last 20 years using repro Italian cam, and modernish buttons and snaps.....could be an early reenactors peice or a jacket somebody made for hunting or just fun!

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    It's just my opinion, but the snaps look exactly like the 1970's OD bush jacket I had when I was in the Army, the 4 hole buttons look like the British buttons found on their really looks like one one had it made up using what was to hand....the stitching even looks the same

    I like the look of it, just for fun, but I really can't see this being WW2 German!!! It may not glow under a black light, but there are really no hard and fast rules on that much more...I think it's only really a tool/guide nowadays

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    The snaps look postwar German to me and the buttons look like postwar British i would say it has been made up from a wartime Italian zelt for someone doing Living History , this happened alot in the 1980s as there wasnt any good makers of copy German uniforms or camo clothing , There was alot original italian Zelts still for sell so someone has made it up for their own use ,

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Sounds about right..made from Italian Zelbahn into modern jacket.

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Hi Guys, Steve nailed this on page 1.

    1970's Italian Army jacket. I used to own one with matching trusers.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Chest pockets and snaps look like the BW Feld Bluse.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Thanks Ade!!!!

    That makes sense now......looks a lot like Australian Army bush jackets from the 70' wise

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    Default Re: SS field jacket....maybe

    Well thank you for helping me solve this jacket question. I think I found exactly what it is with help from you all.
    I think it is Col. Canton's jacket. He served up to the 1960's. This jacket looks like a shorter cut 1960's Italian Paramilitary Camo. Ill quote this since I am not sure if I can link it. But this discription is of the jacket that matches mine almost exactly. To bad it is not what I thought it was, maybe I can get some of my money back selling it for what it is now. Or use it for Airsoft

    "While me love and search for camouflage world wide never ends, I come across beauties everyday…truly amazing colorway and construction…I actually picked up the pants with overalls in the same pattern some years back….The victorious Allies forbade Italy any elite forces after WW2. No bombers, submarines or armored forces were allowed. Someone forgot to mention paratroopers, and so Italy’s elite Folgore “Lightning Bolt” airborne unit was born. They wore a distinctive camouflage developed from Italy’s WW2 camo. This Italian 1960s German WW2 Style Paratrooper Camo Short Jump jacket is in mint, unissued condition, with extremely vibrant and distinct colors, like it came from the factory. It features padded elbows, two large snap closure chest pockets, and an elasticized waistband." Author: Admin Date posted Oct. 2010

    SS field jacket....maybe

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