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SS GF Tabs

Article about: Hi, Any body like these tabs on sale on Hannah's Reich update today, The spine looks very high, leafs do not look that good, and one part of the leaf is nearly hanging over the edge.

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    Default SS GF Tabs

    Any body like these tabs on sale on Hannah's Reich update today,
    The spine looks very high, leafs do not look that good, and one part of the leaf is nearly hanging over the edge.

    SS GF TabsSS GF TabsSS GF Tabs

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    As been said before, the embroidery process was done by hand, thus human error is quite plausible. That said, I've noticed the SS totenkopf, Germania, and above set all appear to be produced in a similar fashion, i.e the backing/black thread. Probably just a coincidence, but strange three sets in one update are so similar.
    As for the black mantle on this update, it has been passed around more than the neigborhood "bike". I know many here don't like discussing price, but 10k is a bit much IMO, though it's very nice. I'm just curious as to why I've seen it for sale three times in the last year?

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    I am not saying Fake, as I am not qualified to say such statements, but these tabs were supposed to be made by skilled persons, can not understand how it past quality control, why did they not throw the top tab away and start again! But if he/she did we certainly would not be discussing it...

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    SS GF TabsSS GF TabsSS GF TabsAs concerns post # 2 and the black overcoat on the Stiles' site : this item is authentic, in case any doubt adheres to it. It is not my overcoat, though I own some like it. In fact, I own five black SS overcoats.
    Why items are sold and resold may well have to do with the respective strength in cash of certain collectors, who apparently go into hock to buy things on
    time and then are caught up short.

    I see items sold and resold all the time. This phenomenon may as much be an expression of precarious times as it is manifestation of uncovered larceny and such.
    The LAH tunic that I got from Shea was resold by me at a 15% profit; resold by the dealer to whom I sold it a no doubt larger profit; and then resold by Ulrich or whatever or this Stiles man for 200% mark up of what I paid for it and my collection was used as means to add value to it....

    As concerns the quality of embroidery at the heart of this inquiry, do note the posts we made from Uniformenmarkt from the want ads of the epoch where there was apparently always a good
    job market for embroidery, in conjunction with a war labor dynamic in which German women who did embroidery in 1936 in the Erzgebirge likely began to do other careers as the war deepened and, I should think,
    the chance to gain better pay opened in other fields. And, the woman at Fahnen Fleck in Hamburg in my picture is shown in 1936, and maybe she got killed in the Operation Gomorrah attack of 1943.

    The contemporary sources go on and on about a labor shortage for the uniform trade, which also applied to the Uniformen Effekten trade, as well, a cottage industry,
    and something hardly on the scale of McDonald's or Toyota or whatever.
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    damit, basta.

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    SS GF TabsSS GF TabsSS GF TabsSS GF TabsAlso, I do not collect senior SS leader regalia, so I will leave to someone else generalizations about such items.

    I do, however, pay attention to the social, political and economic factors of the German war economy and the uniform trade.
    damit, basta.

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    tabs are ok and also of higher black cloth quality that is typical for such high rank tabs.

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    Above the field grade officer ranks, such Kragenpatten have velvet badge cloth.
    damit, basta.

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