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Ss great coat m.36

Article about: hello I would like to get my fellow collectors opinion on this Ss tunic, to me it looks good but I haven't seen to many early Ss greatcoats. Buttons are different but all of them are from 19

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    Ss great coat m.36Ss great coat m.36
    Quote by RedarmyDK View Post
    I honestly dont know what is up and what is Down, but as for allgemeine ss would it Make sense that french cuffs are normal and the oposite for waffen ss. I am not saying that This coat has not been tampered With, but if it where originally a wehrmacht coat it imo have french cuffs or traces of Them?

    Also where does waffen ss differ from ss-vt regarding early m.36 types of great coats?

    Regarding stamps there are traces of markings but no rzm?

    It would be Nice if some one had Pictures of a early waffen ss great coat?

    This is, in fact, a 1936 SS Verfuegungstruppe overcoat. It is black.
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    The pictures of what you describe as an early Waffen SS coat are richly present in the Beaver books.

    The SSVT and the Waffen SS are, more or less, ca. 1938-1939 the very same thing.....
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    Stamps are unit stamps of the SSVT, or SSTV, as well as Verwaltungsamt SS stamps, as well as RZM/SS or whatever buttons and so forth.

    All these things are illustrated here. That is, on this site in my more than eighteen thousand posts.
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    Ss great coat m.36 tags ca. 1936.
    damit, basta.

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    Look here to your heart's content.

    SS RZM Tags
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    Ss great coat m.36Ss great coat m.36an early grey (earth and or field grey blouse) with the kind of marks I do mean here. Courtesy of our Dimas.
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    all of this can and will be faked, so you have to factor such larceny into the mix.

    Good luck. I have done enough on this score for now. Someone else can carry the burden.

    Real grey pre 1939 uniforms of the SS are stunningly rare. That's why I only collect the caps, and not these ratted out tunics, to which too much controversy adheres.

    Call me simple minded and spiessig, for that's just what I am...

    - - ------- - -

    Shea has some very early uniforms ex the Beaver collection, but they are or are not redecorated.
    damit, basta.

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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]865895[/ATTACH..... this image from Bender's 1969 book on the Waffen SS.

    I espy french cuffs, do I not?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ss great coat m.36  
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    Ss great coat m.36or here, in 1935, at the time of the famous Schickelgruber visit to the Kaserne in Berlin-Lichterfelde.
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    Ss great coat m.36I like this picture better. These charming people have cuffs, too, and so much more than a bunch of old racists.
    damit, basta.

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