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SS Gruppenfuehrer Schaub jacket

Article about: This is the Schaub's jacket found in Hitler's bunker, has been a bit fire damaged

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    The funny looking breast badge cost .60 rpfg. at the time. Maybe the shells striking the Reichskanzlei blew the badge off the thing. In any case, this Affenjacke is impressive, despite whatever flaws it might have. Holters is greatly under appreciated in the collector sphere, where far more attention is paid to lesser vendors and contractors.

    Happy collecting. We profit greatly from our European friends sharing their important things with us. For those of us who lived through the cold war, then the sight of the Soviet/Russian holdings is especially interesting and worthwhile.

    For my senior Scottish colleague, I shall look in the Arndt books later. There are several of them, as you know, and the image is of Schaub in Fuehrerbau in Munich at some reception ca. 1938 or 1939. He has his sh#t eating expression he always had on his unhappy punum, and his legs crossed, I think. I do not have a scanner. It is a Hugo Jaeger image.

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    The breast badge for the formal dress tuxedo.

    Bob Hritz
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    I wish to thank you for posting your pictures of all of these marvelous uniforms held in the Russian museums. As all of the leaders of the 3rd Reich had houses or apartments in and around Berlin, the amount of treasures in the Russian museuems must be phenomenal. I am sure that much is also stored in the museums of the satellite countries of the old Soviet Union. I have a formal black S S overcoat, belt and cross strap that once belonged to Hans Lammers. It came out of Prague in the late
    70's along with two gray S S officer and one black S S officer tunics. All of the tunics were devoid of insignia. Fortunately, the scavengers had not fooled with the overcoat.


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    Notice the item # for meter of textile for the Grosser Gesellschaftsanzug and the cape. They are items 30 and 31 respectively. Notice also the price.

    Thanks to Derek Chapman for these fine images.
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    Someone needs to scan the floor plan of the Radziwil Palace/Bismarck chancellery, which is where AH actually lived once this locale was renovated in the course of 1934. He did not live in the Neue Reichskanzlei. To be sure, in the end, he lived in the bunker. But the proper apartment had in the old building several additional apartments, wherein resided the retainers, the leading figures in the retinue. These included good ole' Schaub. There is a new book entitled Berlin Unter Hitler (Tosa Verlag) in which these images of the Hitler apartment and the map with the location of the living spaces of the others has pride of place. One seldom sees these images. One sees the Berghof or the Bunker of blessed memory, but not much else. You can also see from these Wilhelmstrasse images why AH wanted to bug out for the Obersalzberg.

    There is also a firm in Berlin which has made a computer animation in 3D of the whole Vosstrasse and the Neue Reichskanzlei and much else in the Wilhelmstrasse environs of the time. The video shows the area before its nazification and afterwards. I believe it is Albert Speers Berlin dot DE, and look for it in You Tube. If you go to the Vosstrasse and this part of the Wilhelmstrasse today, there is essentially no trace of any of it all. You stand before a very ordinary street, with these Plattenbau apartments put up by the DDR at the end of the regime. Nearby is the RLM going great guns, as if nothing has happened....but the rest is gone, gone, gone.

    I can recall wandering the death zone from the Potsdamer Platz til the the back of where the Adlon stood (and now stands again...) in March 1990. It was a total waste land from the just eclipsed death zone, and filled with nice bunnies their cactus. All very hard to take in, really.

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    The LAH title is incorrect for Schaub and the right sleeve is missing his Stosstruppe cuff band so obviously the insignia is questionable. That being said there are two or three other tunics of Schaub held by the Russians.
    I do have some pictures of Schaub wearing this tunic that I will post when I return from a trip I am on.

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    Thanks so much for the useful and informative intervention. We welcome our new member with enthusiasm to our little band.

    And, per saldo, if Stalin, Bulganin and Crutschow's politruks in the army museum happily put on this nice cuff title (which sort of is suggestive when one looks at the cuff and the back stitching....) the embellishment of 1947 or 1957 is also part of this garment's extraordinary story. Such a fact speaks to the collector conceit and fetish of finding the untouched, unaltered, unamended, and virginal elite regalia in its sleeping beauty/Dornroeschen state from the spring of 1945 until now.

    Someone needs to show us the Gone With the Wind style film Stalin made of the Battle of Berlin. I have never seen it. Maybe it is also in You Tube? Maybe our Estonian and/or other ex USSR/Russian Federation friends can help us naive souls in the Article VI area. cordially, FB Auerbach

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    d'Alquen has reiterated the point I was trying to make...........Schaub never wore the AH title!
    Attached Images Attached Images SS Gruppenfuehrer Schaub jacket 
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    Schaub wore the 'Stosstrupp Adolf Hitler 1923' commemorative, and the usual blank staff title.
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    I don't belive that was a museum job- but probably the tunic was compared postwar to make it more beauty for the exhibition, or who knows....

    my Skype: warrelics

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