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ss hat

Article about: I'm planning a trip to Germany next year. Although I envision myself romping about, I suspect I will be stumbling and cowering in the shadows. My inxeperience with Europe, the currency, and

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    I followed this on e-bay (not bidding) I might add as know nothing about them.The story was the seller picked it up 20 odd years ago from an amateur dramatics club that was closing down and it had been in their possesion since the early 50's.Bidding ended yesterday (2-8-09) and it went for 460,what I want to know is did someone pick up a great bargain or fell for a great story.Thanks in advance,
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    No, it's not a good visorhat, artificially aged

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    as a contrast....
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    damit, basta.

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    damit, basta.

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    or this one....I notice that I have in excess of 2,000 such little thingies.
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    damit, basta.

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    The cap might appear original to a novice. A collector with some experience with these things can recognize it as a fake immediately. Unfortunately, there are collectors out there who have no idea there are fakes of this material. An expensive lesson. Now, all the new owner needs is a nice set of fake insignia to complete the project.


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    Some one of a perverse set of mind should make a compendium of the fish tales, Muennchhausen follies or other high jinx associated with the sale of fake SS caps. I do not mean to be cruel to novices with this post, but the procession of outlandish claims made for fake caps is a long and unhappy one. What remains rare and precious is the supply of authentic pieces, as well as the handful of people who can tell fake from the real, in turn.

    Also, certain of us quite without re numeration or word of thanks post images of real caps....such is also in rare supply.

    A word to the wise: collect books on the SS before you collect its uniforms and regalia, and then do so with maximum caution.

    Below is the magic Clemens Wagner Muetzenmachermeisterei fake SS cap divining rod intended to separate the fake from the real.

    It comes complete with a remarkable wooden stand, useful for the blocking of cap covers in the size of 55 cms.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ss hat  
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    or this one....I notice that I have in excess of 2,000 such little thingies.

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    I have made some 2000 and six posts on this website. I do own more than one SS cap, even a grey one. I do not own 2000 of them, and, if I did, I would put one thousand of them in a big bag and send them to Ben VK.

    I have also done so (the posts...) without hectoring, insulting, carping, or belittling my fellow human beings, or accusing authors of books of being foolish, either.

    In any case, I, for one, am growing fairly weary of how the collecting thing has unfolded in this decade. It is a pity that the search for truth has so declined into the vituperation that is the norm elsewhere. It robs me, at least, of much interest in this stuff.

    At least this website is fairly well behaved unlike the popular one.

    Happy headwear.

    I will also say that the reading of the cap making book I did ergattern has for me, at least, sacked the myths that obtain elsewhere as concern our little preoccupation.
    damit, basta.

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