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SS items of note.

Article about: by youthcollector1 I am currently negotiating with Bruce, and if it does find it's way to me, it will not only be in my collection, it will also be displayed at the holocaust museum here in

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    The other point I would make in this regards is this: at no time in the brief, violent history of the SS was it at all a static organization. It was seized by perpetual change, and this change is signified by the endless circulars announcing changes to insignia which we have endeavored to accumulate here. I am very grateful for the wartime chart above, as evidence of the state of things at said point, prior to the decay of the SS in defeat, but I would be equally grateful for a wartime image of the staff of this organization in its Berlin headquarters, or another major locale and to see the uniform worn. And I am sure that some of our most expert members have further documentary evidence of signal value.

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    May I also cite the chart in Vol. VI of Mollo on p. 105 as an addendum to the nice chart cited in post #28. Perhaps someone can reproduce it and append it here, as my scanner does not fit the Mollo books.

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    Hmm, this actually explains it.

    SS items of note.

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    SS items of note.Thank you, kindly, and I refer to this portion, in particular.

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    SS items of note.SS items of note.Whereby, the personnel in the SS Main offices or later the RFSS (the R u S H A was such an SS Hauptamt) in TDA or T O & E billets paid for by the Reich also wore light grey.
    But, at the same time, if such specialist personnel of said Main Offices were seconded to the front in this specialist role, or such specialists were recruited for a limited role, then the would have worn the candy stripe insignia.
    In my SS administration book I have yet to find a break down of this, and I rely on Mollo's use of documents from 1939 onward.
    Thanks for the help with scan.

    For those who do not know: eine Planstelle is a billet, i.e. a personnel slot in the table of organization or Staerkenachweis of a headquarters or a unit.
    The SS as it matured went from its merely party role to that of state role, whereby the budget changed and was, in some cases, mixed.
    I make constant reference to this central fact that is meaningless to those without military experience at higher levels of command.
    The SS administrative book makes much of the pay and benefits of those who have left the NSDAP pay ranks to be mobilized by the Wehrmacht, and, later by the Waffen SS.
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    Mollo also misspelled Hauptaemtern above, as well.

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    looks good as does the one at a flea Mkt. , didnt have a camera with me ???

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    Quote by colt45 View Post
    looks good as does the one at a flea Mkt. , didnt have a camera with me ???
    Would you care to be more precise in this observation, please? "The one" refers to ___________? Thanks.

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    I think the flea kt. one is original, if not ,sure looks great! nice tunic *****

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    Quote by ddavies View Post
    There is also some very nice cutoff insignia for sale in his ss section
    I have changed my mind.It suddenly occured to me i was looking at two items i used to own.The LAH sleeve and the collar with tabs and tress.Here are some pics of how they looked when i sold them.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS items of note.   SS items of note.  

    SS items of note.  
    Attached Images Attached Images SS items of note. SS items of note. 

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