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SS Kraetzchen

Article about: And this guy is thinking " Damn this hat is hot and itchy. Need to take this darn thing off and have a few beers with the guys this afternoon at the beer hall ".

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    Here is a table of personnel of said unit. The Sta. 65 was raised in 1933, but the issue is what predecessor units constituted it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Kraetzchen  

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    The Wehrmacht Lexikon or one of those good German sites has a lot of fine material on the Allgemeine SS to add more clarity to what I added.
    Mr. d'Alquen knows a lot about this particular aspect relative to the field cap.

    Thanks again for sharing your things with us.

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    Here is the book whence I got the table of the Sta. 65.SS Kraetzchen

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    Perhaps this photo is of the newly created Reserve Sturmbann in 1934, hence "Reserve hat Ruh" ? The "Alte Garde" might equate to "Alter Kampfer" which was used for members that joined prior to 1930.

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    A wonderful image and of great quality. Thanks for showing the whole thing.

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    Quote by richardthecat View Post
    Perhaps this photo is of the newly created Reserve Sturmbann in 1934 hence "Reserve hat Ruh" ?

    That it may be, but I assume it is the cadre of whatever unit existed in 1929, since the territorial SS organization in the SA of the epoch
    was very small. In any case, it is a wonderful picture especially for the fanatic little clique that luxuriates in these "early" pictures of the SS.
    I especially collect the peaked caps of this epoch, so your pictures are very welcome here.

    JHAM included the chronicle published on line of, I think, Sta. 21, which describes the unit chronology in intense detail.

    A lot of the Allgemeine SS unit records did not survive 1945, so it is often hard to know the evolution of these units in detail.

    The Hein book on the Allgemeine SS in German is a real gold mine in this aspect.

    Thanks for including your picture. Please show us more from your fine collection.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    JHAM included the chronicle published on line of, I think, Sta. 21, which describes the unit chronology in intense detail.
    I believe both myself and HPL2008 shared said book. It is available here for all to see. I have seen one other book in this same format for another SS Standarte (cant remember which I will look) but it was not shared online. I wonder how many of the Standartes produced such books. I would love to see other examples.Thank you F-B.

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    FYI. The original photograph doesn't look this nice but is faded, scratched, minor details missing and generally tired from decades of neglect. I spent hours using digital software trying to breath life back into this image which is something I really like doing for old photographs. I'm glad you guys will be able to enjoy it.

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    Well I did ask for people to be nice on here but I guess that's too much to expect. Banning me doesn't work either lol. But do not worry about me returning as I only bother to come to this website once or twice a year out of complete boredom and always leave disappointed as there is never anything interesting. Well I know this photograph I posted here will bring much needed excitement to this site. Just make sure you keep a box of Kleenex next to your computer to avoid messes

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    Anyone who read's my "Farewell message" will see I didn't call anyone any name and am not playing games. I gave this website a gift and fully understood I would be banned once again. All I asked for was not to have hateful people like yourself give me a hard time. And why would you call on the Mods to end this thread as it needs to be open for discussion and research? I have this photograph posted on several historical sites for the same purpose and I know there are very knowledgeable individuals here that could benefit from this image. Hence why I posted it!
    Have A Nice Day

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