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SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)

Article about: by BenVK Never handled an original but I can say with some certainty that the sweatband, although of period manufacture, is not original to this Kratzchen. The same applies to the lining. d'

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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    Never handled an original but I can say with some certainty that the sweatband, although of period manufacture, is not original to this Kratzchen. The same applies to the lining.
    d'accord. Also, the Strichgarn or Strichtrikot of this stinker is full of polyester and shines in a way that is done by no authentic cap.
    damit, basta.

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    An unbelievably rare piece of headgear. Very, very few collectors have seen an actual piece. It is also underrepresented in the collector literature. I thank everyone for their studied input.

    It was a lead worth investigating. Again, thank you!

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    I know of no authentic pieces of this species of thing at all. And, the ones we see in the images were likely recycled from the old armies, and not marked in the VA SS RZM manner.

    The RZM tag in use in this thing emerged at a time (1934) when already this imperial army style cap was phased out, I think, but someone else knows better.

    Stick to more tractable and simpler pieces.
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    For the purposes of contrast.SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)
    damit, basta.

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    I have seen one made in drillich cloth with both the white RZM label and a maker's mark in the late of 80's, I did not pay a lot attention to learn the items in that time. But I trust to the time and the source- cap was picked up from one of the Russian museums, in the time of the fall of the USSR, where a tons of material found a new owners. Even there was not a big ammount of the SS collectors in that area, and not a time for a high end fakes. The P 38 Walter pistol was rated higher than a Black allgemeine tunic and Pz piped SS visorhat, bot together.

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    I should like to see such an authentic piece. I have never seen one I thought to be real, and am pretty skeptical about the things, really.

    Also, for those serious about such things, comparisons with such field caps as worn in the Rw and the alte Armeen are the most helpful orientation.
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    Hi, i've got my hands on one of these Kratzchens and currently getting it checked out with Bill Shea in the States. Mine came in with a load of Imperial stuff but the markings inside were not noticed till a later date. Mine has the factory maker inside and two other stamps, unlike the one shown mine is the 2 ringed version with a "floppy" worn appearance, unlike the one shown that actually looks like it was made yesterday. The RZM wouldn't be applied to this cap as it was not around when they were made, and not applied when these were used by the SS for the short period the guys were wearing them. Once mine has been checked i'll throw some pics on to show, took it War and Peace show this year to the dealers in the "Know" and apart from one, 99% gave it the cautious thumbs up, hence why its being checked by Shea. Stay aware and i'll let you know. The one shown? Bin it mate.

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    SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)The RZM was in operation in 1933 and 1934. I find this field cap loch ness monster thing less than edifying.

    Good luck.
    damit, basta.

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    Look forward to seeing to one Falleneagle 67 mentioned. As for dealers at the W&P show and in "the know" giving the thumbs up, well, I wouldn't get too excited by that if I were you. The only thing you can buy at that show with confidence is a hot dog and even then, it might come back to trouble you later.

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    SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)SS Kratzchen (Feldmutze)So many things hereabouts do come back to trouble one later, that's so very true.
    damit, basta.

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