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SS Motorbike Registration Plate

Article about: Thanks for all you opinions. Regards Mike

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    Default SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Hello Members,

    Just wondering if any off you men are in the know as regards SS Motorbike Registration plates. I have been offered one that has come from Karelia in Russia. I do not doubt the integrity of the seller but I have looked into the list off SS vehicle Registration numbers and they seem to stop at 113000. The plate I have been offered has the number 114327. Whats your opinion? If I'm not in the right place here could the moderator move this thread to the right place. Before I buy it any opinions on the number are welcome. It looks real salty and "Been there". Have these items been seriously faked to a good standard? Sorry I don't have a photo just yet. I'm sure about 30 of them were found in a lake bearing the number 114###

    Thanks in advance and have a good weekend.



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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    in general,,,i would be careful about SS items coming out of Russian....

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Photos would be helpful. How much is the seller asking?

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Hi Mike, pictures are certainly needed. Everything is faked!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Yes, heavily faked and really made to look the part and where are the best fakes made at....Ost.

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Managed to work out how to post pictures without the help of my wife ;->. Please take a look and give me your honest opinion be it good or bad. I'm not a mint man and like items a little salty with that "been there"look or maybe this item has not the "been there" look. The seller is asking 375 Euro/315 GBP in $580 approx. That includes postage ect. I don't buy items to make a profit and tend to pay the going rate and if I sold I usually sell items at what I paid for them. I like people to enjoy my collection as much as I do and before I buy if I could just get an opinion of what you think of it. Would you leave my collecting room with a smile on your face or laughing? I'm no expert but it looks the part in my eyes. I welcome opinions.

    Thanks so far for the opinions recieved.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Motorbike Registration Plate   SS Motorbike Registration Plate  

    SS Motorbike Registration Plate  

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Hi Mike, I think I like the look of it. I realise it will have been cleaned. But I think the wear and tear is convincing, such as the area around where it has been mounted on the bike's mudguard. I like the stamp which is often missing on many fakes. The only thing that does raise a concern is the rather red looking rust here and there.

    Price sounds relative for this type of thing.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Thanks Ade, that was a super quick reply! Just to let you guys know i'm just a collector and would never deal in these items. Just looking for the opinions be it good or bad if you came to my house to view what I have. I buy to enjoy and out off all the people I know only a slight few enjoy these items so look forward to your replies.

    Good start to the weekend....please, no opinions under the influence of alcohol lol



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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    Mike i know that quite a number of original SS Motor cycle plates have been found in Karelia in the SS Nord positions and certainly there are some very reputable sellers in Karelia some of whom are forum members here so if it's from one of them you won't have any problems. Looks good to me !!
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    Default Re: SS Motorbike Registration Plate

    I'm guessing these are steel judging by the colour of the base metal and the spot welds around the mounting holes on the reinforcing plate. If so then i'd say the plate has had an acid bath to remove rust which might explain why there is some new red rust here and there.

    I'm no expert but I like it!


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