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SS Officer Tabs

Article about: Recent acquisition.Anyone see any issues? Thanks for looking. Steve

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    Default SS Officer Tabs

    Recent acquisition.Anyone see any issues?
    Thanks for looking.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Officer Tabs   SS Officer Tabs  

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    Well, since no one has commented on these tabs since you posted this thread 3 days ago, I'll give my humble opinion to get things going.

    I think the rank tab looks authentic. The buckram, pips, and piping (and the method in which it is attached) look fine to me. The quality of the wool also seems consistent with that of authentic tabs.

    I've gone back and forth on the runic tab, but I lean more toward thinking it is authentic... The quality of the bullion thread and the piping look pretty good to me (not like what you see on the so-called Pakistani fakes). I have also seen this type of buckram used on tabs that were deemed authentic. The runes are fairly symmetrical, and seem properly positioned. The bullion embroidery is not the neatest I have seen, but is not nearly as bad as what you normally see on reproduction tabs (and threads tend to "move around" on these tabs over the years). From what I can see of the material that forms the shape of the runes underneath the bullion, it looks authentic. The method used to attach the piping is consistent with that seen on original tabs, although, in my experience, it is usually more common to see the black thread going in the same direction as the twists in the piping (I have seen it done both ways). The wool on the runic tab seems "rougher" than that of the rank tab, which concerned me a little, as rough wool is often used on fakes. It should also be noted that the runic tab is considerably larger than the rank tab. This, coupled with the differences in construction between the two tabs, makes me fairly certain that this is not a matched set, but simply two single tabs that were paired together for sale.

    In summary, I'm fairly confident that the rank tab is authentic. I am less certain about the runic tab, but I believe there is a good chance that it is original. I am interested to hear what the more experienced members have to say!

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    This set is a one-looker original. Cloth, runes, piping and buckram are all known observed ones on originals. Don't forget that the runes were handmade so you can seee some varities, but on this one It is the 'traditional" look, only a bit distressed.

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    Appreciate your responses.

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