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SS Officers Tunic

Article about: A voice from the past on the unknown unknowns of our interest..... Which of the gun show know it all's and internet savants has brought such knowledge as contained here to the attention of t

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    This thread also illustrates why, ca. 1970, I decided I would collect only black SS uniforms.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kf2.JPG 
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ID:	163317Name:  Sarrasani---cirucs.jpg
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Size:  21.5 KBName:  Barnum-and-Bailey-Circus1.jpg
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Size:  61.6 KBName:  Modesalon Breuer.jpg
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Size:  62.2 KBName:  HG-49h[1].JPG
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Size:  86.4 KBName:  HG_36g[1].JPG
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    damit, basta.

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    There are fewer of them, and the Nazis over stamped and marked them in some kind of spasm of Max Weber's ideas.Name:  HG-49b[1].JPG
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Size:  89.7 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	alabama cap x 4.jpg 
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ID:	163327Name:  shea cap rhombus.jpg
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Size:  130.6 KBName:  death head.jpg
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Name:	your black cap side.jpg 
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Name:	Alabama cap x 3.jpg 
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ID:	163332Name:  Saaz cap II.jpg
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Name:	NaziTunic Cuff Title 013.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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    There is no "scull" in these images, really.Name:  41NHAGN4JAL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
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Size:  9.0 KBName:  Max-Weber-1864-1920-209x300.jpg
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    damit, basta.

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    But the other problem with all of this is the illusion of truth and certainty, especially among the handful of internet experts. Historical knowledge is never complete, and especially in this little piece of the past it is pretty flawed. That is, the internet savant's tendency to rigidity and over generalization collides with the mountain of ignorance and anachronism, which only gets worse on these websites. I.e. the assumption that early 20th century Germany was somehow identical in organization, social order, and purpose to early 21st century globalized society on these websites, or the corporate and service economy world in which many of you reading this live. The people who made and wore these things lived in a very different world, to be sure, from our own. Knowledge of this vanished world's state, society, economy, and culture enables a collector to make sense of much of this material, but the prevalence of gun show myth, collector old saws and canards, as well as poorly researched secondary sources by persons who chiefly do not read German hardly advance the cause of knowledge. It is also not as I know very much, either, mind you, since the more I find out, the less I understand about all of this stuff. The answer is not in Wikimedia and it is not had in the attention span of thought that seems predominant in the present.
    damit, basta.

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    How are these caps stitched, I wonder..... Click image for larger version. 

Name:	17_frauen_im_vormarsch_2003_bereichsmeisterschaft.jpg 
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    An image that seeks to suggest that there is more to life than pressure free stitching on foetid woolens.
    damit, basta.

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    They are being worn caps without the style and traditions, and looks more, as Russians said " As for a saddle into the cow", the army traditions is lost with 3 TR. I did not think the caps is very badly made, even we all have seen post war high quality caps

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    Austrian Bundesheer caps are highly well made, in many cases superior to wartime caps. It is more the women on the horses and the horses that interest me. Also, what these women might cook me for dinner or Jause that interests me more than the unending topics that unfold here. The Austrian Bundesheer has many traditions, to include the further use of a kind of field grey, which is, of course, not an especially old custom or usage in German militaries as it is only about hundred and ten years old or so. Some Austrian peaked caps are pretty flat, and others are saddle shape in my experience. The Austrians have superb field equipment, in fact.
    damit, basta.

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    I think the woman's business is just a preparing the foods Kinder-Koeche etc. In the case above, they are not good cavalrists and IMO the same in the Kitchen

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    Default Re: SS Officers Tunic

    Hello FB...can you post a complete pic of the "Oberbayern" tunic?
    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: SS Officers Tunic

    I am sorry. This is the only image I have.
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 12-17-2010 at 05:51 PM.
    damit, basta.

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