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ss officers uniform

Article about: "SS ruins" is one way of putting it, I guess. I am not a fake SS cap skull savant, but this here (the thing above in all its splendor) is, in fact, a fake cap badge. All of these s

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    The individuals responding to your thread are some of the most knowledgable in the hobby. I started collecting in 1957. We have spent countless hours studying the construction and details of this regalia. I must concur that the uniform and cap are products of the 4th Reich. The cap piping is not installed in the manner found on original period examples. The tunic insignia are fake. Fake tunics have been in production in Europe now for over 15 years. Some are better quality then others. I am sorry if you are offended by knowledgable opinions on your pieces. However, the truth is the truth. Nothing can trump many years of handling, studyng and smelling genuine period examples.


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    One little observation, Fritzerl, since my visual essay has had no apparent impact on you.

    None of the many SS organizations at the Dachau complex north of Munich, in their number, be they connected with the concentration camp, the military barracks, or the SS economic enterprises referred to themselves as "Stab Dachau." Zip. Null komma nichts.

    This designation makes absolutely no sense, but such 15% correct unit designations are frequently seen on Latvian or Baltic made fake SS or Nazi caps, of which the cap you include here is a fine example known to most informed collectors.

    I have exerted myself a great deal, and despite your desire to sell your ensemble, we have devoted a lot of time to something that generally gets a swift brush off here.

    My friends here all say: "Servus!"
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    damit, basta.

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    or, to put it another way, see the picture below.

    Adrian S. told you earlier today in a polite and forthright way what was at fault, but I do not think he was aware, nor was I, that you wish to sell these objects.
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    damit, basta.

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    Quote by fritzthecat1966423 View Post
    here is the skull i pulled it off rzm and ss ruins?
    The skull is for sure fake

    my Skype: warrelics

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    I wholehearted agree. The cap badge is fake. The markings are incorrect.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    All you need to do is to master the SEARCH function, on each forum. There is invaluable information amassed here and it is free for the foundation of knowledge you seek.

    First, you may wish to search for visor hats, of which there are many dozens displayed. The search for SS visor hat insignia will produce more knowledge than is available in any reference book. The individual tunic and hat insignia may be searched and you will see the insignia does not match those on tunics that have been well documented as original.

    We all know the sting of being deceived, when we begin collecting. It is nothing for which you must bear shame. The production of fake militaria has been steadly continuing from shortly after the war ended. Even in the US, The Patch King was making crude Third Reich insignia from 1945 to sell, with the plethora of surplus US insignia, to young collectors.

    I hope you will use this learning experience to further your knowledge and that you will take any assistance, provided to you without recompense, with the cheerfulness and generousity in which it is given.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: ss officers uniform or "SS ruin"

    Thanks, colleague Hritz, for a more measured response than perhaps I was capable. I am grateful for your wise counsel.

    These sites are surely intended for people to learn. Whereas other sites are wholly un policed and have a Wildwuchs of nonsense, this site has made its way via quality and good order. Such sites should not, however, be a vehicle to sell fakes. There is plenty of places to do so elsewhere and plenty of takers for junk in its number. Hence, my impatient tone in the posts above with a personage who did not seem to respond to the information or knowledge we offered. Also, the work here is not borne equally by all, and others who read here are enjoined to pitch in more with data, photos, items of interest, as well as helpful, complete and informative posts (....unlike on other sites....) so as to make this site fulfill its potential as other sites slide into mediocrity. I know my betters arch their eyebrows when I write the following, but the other popular site has gone off the rails as concerns quality of material as well as quality of the posts and the algae like spreading of such posts as: " this a legit scull....?" in their staggering number.

    I guess I am also petulant when such attempts wrap themselves in the military glory of our dying parents in such a way to deflect criticism. Such is not a confidence building measure.

    As I look in Google, I note that we on this site have made a lot of progress, and we can assure our forward march by more constructive energy as well as due diligence in the face of the inevitable negative side effects of our interest in old clothes and badges.
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    damit, basta.

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    Fritz -

    I do not like jumping on the pile here, but a thought:

    My father used to say, "the value of anything is what you can sell it for the same day you bought it."

    Why not list this get-up for sale here or on another forum, and see what kind of response you get? You don't have to accept a bid, after all.

    I do want to thank F-B for some memorable pictures on this thread, most saved.

    My last post here.

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    Thanks, Bruce, I am especially fond of my Potsdam military orphans, in fact, as I am of my Atomschlag snap shot.

    There are only so many image of "sculls" [sic] a person can take without the onset of mayhem.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: ss officers uniform

    All I can say is listen to what you are being told, your uniform and cap are Latvian garbage.

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