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SS "Overcoat" Armband

Article about: could it be the manufacturer was just putting thier approved tag,on any arm bands they made? inother words they made both types of armbands,but teh only tags they had were rzm-SS. actually t

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    Default SS "Overcoat" Armband

    These are one of the puzzlements of SS cloth collecting. They were described in an older reference book as an overcoat armband. There is no photographic or physical evidence to validate this claim. The early pieces such as the one pictured have the typical cloth RZM label. Later, and more plentiful, examples bear the typical paper SS RZM label. Whatever they are, the SS had control over them. I have thought that these were handed out to auxillary individuals under the auspicous of the SS. Comments are welcome as I would like to solve this puzzlement.SS "Overcoat" ArmbandSS "Overcoat" Armband


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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    Ive heard the Overcoat theory myself, but I lean toward the auxilllary idea.Im no expert so take what I say w/ a grain of salt.Is the width larger than normal? That would make sense if it were a GC armband to be bigger.IMO .Mine looks the same but has the black borders like a standard ss one. It would very nice to find some photographic evidence.Is this in your collection,Bob?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS "Overcoat" Armband   SS "Overcoat" Armband  

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    Hi Bob,
    nice example.
    i was looking around to see what i could find. please check this link.
    LSSAH in February 1938 pictures from military photos on webshots
    SS men in over coats. note the armband. now to my eyes the best i can see, it has no black stripes. it is at least a period pic.

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    By Jove, I think you've got it! nice detective work, Andrew! I see no black stripes! That's very neat photo as well.Those guys in the forground look like kids.

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    i'm glad you see what i see .

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    Quote by Andrew View Post
    i'm glad you see what i see .
    Not as glad as Bob is now!

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    Bob helps so many people here. it's the least i could do to try and see what i could do to help him out too.

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    Im wondering if there are reasons for the exclusion of the black edging ,namely that woolen cloth has a small amount of stretch and could accomodate a larger arm such as a greatcoat, if a black edging were fixed this would restrict the natural stretch, as for cloth or paper tags, would this practise be a cost saving exercise ie easier to stick paper rather than sew

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    I don't think this picture will solve this mystery.

    I don't believe that the armband on the picture is the same as posted in post #1.
    Because of the low quallity of the picture to show the thin red stripe behind the black one, the black collor of the coat will ''take the red stripe over'' if you know what I mean ( I know very difficult to explain) haha.

    Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: SS "Overcoat" Armband

    hi Kurt,
    i understand. i dont know if this helps, but i blew the picture up about 400% and every thing in between first. what i looked at was the back side of the armband that has no shadow. it is pretty well lit. it shows pretty clear the top edge of the band. and it looks to me that there is no black stripe. it might just be my eyes. i hope others look at it too and comment on what they see.

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