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SS Pocket Watch, Real or Fake???

Article about: Hey guys here is a waffen SS pocket watch, I have a feeling that it is 4th reich. It has a baker light face and is made by Junghans. Its dated 1941 with 1006 What are you opinions and thanks

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    SS Gothic? SS Punk?

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    Circuit advertisement SS Pocket Watch, Real or Fake???
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    The second watch is 'authentic' in that it is a genuine piece, but the face ( dial )
    is a repro - as are the additions of swastika and skull. The makers name
    has been purposely and obviously obscured to hide it's origin.
    The chain is 'steam-punk' modern, IMO.........


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    Yes, they are (were) good watches, even with a good clockwork, but somebody changed them into these SS monsters. They even took the time to erase the flower design on the back cover. They have taken the watch appart to print the eagle on the dail, and glue or solder the runes and skull on the front cover. Just doesn't make sense to me, because its a heck of a work to do. Howmany could one do a day? Maybe two or three? Even if they find punters who'll pay 50 euros a piece the profit is small because of the amount of time and work it takes to produce one.
    The markings inside the watches tell us they are indeed Russians pieces, and quality 18 rubis (possibly with a 4 rubis escape wheel), but I know for fact you can buy these watches for under 5 euros there, even less if it is not workig.
    The punk/gothic skull chain is as I thought just a bracelet they have altered a bit, but lets say they pick them up for 1 euro overthere. So thats 6 euros so far.
    Then they will have to sand down any flower design on the back cover that will be a dead give away the watch is in fact non-military, and post war. That will take an hour or so I geuss.
    Now thay will have to take te watch apart to print the dail. I have know clue what technic they use for this printing, but lets assume they do it right and go for screen printing. They will have to have a screen made, but thats not expensive, and once you have one it can be used over and over again.
    While one is doing the printing of the dail, another is sanding down the front flip cover if it has the same flower design as the back cover, and glue'ing or soldering the fake swastica design on to it. Essamble it again, give it a black shoe polish rubb to make it look aged, and it ca go straight on to Fleabay.
    In the mean while as the watches on running on ebay, they have some time on their hands to go to the local car boot sale to get some other watches for the next week.

    I looked it up, and because its a 3602 movement with 18 rubis (or jewels if you like, kamhen in Russian) the watch was made before the Soviet Union split up.
    They are very common watches, mass produced, wurth about 5-10 euros depending on the condition. Gives us a idea of what the profit is for them at the end of the day. Anybody have a clue what these fake altered watches sell for on the bay?

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    There is currently a very large business based in Kiev, Ukraine that is making "period" watches (pocket and wrist) and a simple search of eBay will show Luftwaffe, Heer and the like "period" watches. Usually these have old movements that have been overhauled and installed in new cases.

    A close friend, who is a Ukrainian emigre and travels back and forth frequently and worked at Antonov , has brought me the following : counterfeit Leica 3a cameras with 1940's FED internals, Contax IIa cameras built in the 1970's and aged to appear as a WW2 prize, HJ and Heer knives/daggers produced this year but chemically aged to appear "period". BTW - The USSR extensively copied Leica as the FED/Zorky camera so well that Russian parts can be swapped between the Leica and FED/Zorki. Currently they produce "fantasy" SS, Luftwaffe, Heer and Naval versions that when placed next to the originals are obvious fakes (I own both a Heer Leica 3a and Luftwaffe Leica 3a captured by my Dad dueing his work as a USAAF Officer during the European Invasion), but are "eagerly" purchased by tourists who think they are getting a "family heirloom" being sold to bay the bills.

    Considering the economic situation and the availability of skilled Watch and Camera technicians (Kiev was the center of the Ukrainian camera industry-home of Arsenal where the Contax Jena plant was located after the Russian occupation of the DDR and they also made a Hassleblad knockoff) I won't even consider any WWII era watch unless it comes from gthe original owner (I have Omega MOD issued watches and Hamiltion A11 and A12 watches in my collection).

    But on the other hand, the Ukrainian Government Arsenal still has unissued Thompson .45 SMG's, M3's and Colt MA1911's that were shipped over during Lend Lease but never issued due the scarcity of .45 caliber ammunition. Too bad she cannot bring me back one of each!

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