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SS silver/gold bullion bars.....

Article about: by spectre68 ...Some of the many horrific images that came from the camps included mounds of shoes and eyeglasses which were to be reissued to Germans, gold and silver rings and even gold te

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    Default Re: SS silver/gold bullion bars.....

    Just one of those would be the "Holy Grail" for me

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Circuit advertisement SS silver/gold bullion bars.....
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    This guy at a gun show i was at awhile back, was selling off some of his great uncles stuff from WW2, he had 3 gold bars, that all 3 had stamps like that, and he even had his paperwork from when he was discharged, and a old black and white pic of him holding the bars, from what it looked like the 40's.

    And some General collar tabs, and shoulder boards, he said his uncle took all of the items off the General, he said his uncle told him, the bars were in a special sewn pocket on the inside of his uniform, like he was trying to hide them, he said there was more bars, but he was only able to keep 3 of them.

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    what does a bar like that weigh? I keep thinking brick sized, 20 lbs. Yikes that is a lot of gold to have at a show, if so.

    I would love to find some cave with some Nazi skeletons in full SS regalia, assigned to guard such a stockpile. Very Hollywood I know, but its my dream so what the heck.

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    The bars this guy has was the smaller 1 - 2 once size bars..

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    Just as a matter of interest have you had these bars looked at or assayed to see if they are in fact silver, although fake TR items you never know the metal could be precious or plain lead, as for the genuine gold bars, i thought it was totally illegal to be in possession of nazi gold, especially because of the original provenance ie teeth, glasses , rings etc

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    It would be legal wouldn't it, if it falls under the title of "war booty" ( ? )



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    Not sure on the legality of keeping it, I think given that the gold bars were state property you'd need check with the modern German state if you found something like that. In any case various European governments have been very keen to compensate the victims of looting during the war, with various artworks etc that were stolen being returned or sold with the proceeds going to relevant charities, I dare say if a signficant find of Nazi gold was uncovered, like the one that was always alleged to still exist in Bavaria, the modern German state would want to make some kind of symbolic reparation to the descendents of the victims it was taken from, if only for goodwill since to keep it would seem very bad form.

    (I think it was Bavaria, it was supposed to have been buried by mountain troops in the final weeks of the war if I remember right. No idea of the accuracy of the story or whether it's still there or not. I seem to recall watching something on the TV about a modern day expedition of mountaineers and archeologists with ground penetrating radar looking for the gold, helped by the testimony of a former solider who alleged he was part of the squad sent to hide it.)

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    Hi Guys, you are correct, any original German gold or silver bullion would not be legal to keep or sell. They would be considered stolen property.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Every veteran who brought back war souvenirs had to have a certificate, signed by a commanding officer authorized to inspect captured souvenirs. On each for is the statement that the items have NO INTRINSIC VALUE. Well, gold and silver bars would violate this and therefore be illegal to possess or retain as captured property.

    In over 45 years of chasing these souvenirs, I have yet to see one original silver or gold bar. I have seen dozens of fakes.

    Bob hritz

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    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, but I belong to a variety of military forums around the net.

    Does anyone know where the counterfeiters are getting those WaA63 stamps from? I am writing an article on the fake Nazi bullion and I want to be able to show references to where supplies they are using to produce these.

    I have sadly seen these for sale not only on Ebay, but Ioffer, Gunbroker and craigslist. Most of the uninformed are buying them from Gunbroker from the same seller and wasting big money for them.


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