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SS Skull

Article about: by bwanek1 What our good friend here fails to recognize or acknowledge is that ALL of the pieces of the puzzle must fit for a fake to be truly convincing. Visually, a high-quality casting ma

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    Default SS Skull

    I would like to hear opinions on this skull, It came in a while back and I believe that it is wrong, however, I have been known to be wrong before

    Marked 1194/40 and 3 piece construction, although it doesn't look it....... it is.

    Made from aluminium, suffering somewhat

    All opinions welcome
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    Circuit advertisement SS Skull
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    Default Re: SS Skull

    Thought it was wrong, but best to make sure, i could have thrown out a fortune

    Cheers bud

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    When you say three piece , do you mean the skull would be seperate from the button top ? has anyone got one to show ?


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    Default Re: SS Skull

    Thats interesting, a debate it

    so there's a 50/50 split..................... let round 2 commence

    on a more serious note, sorry, any more opinions? (I'm not getting my hopes up)

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    Quote by PHILBROWN View Post
    while my learned friend sidney may be right in his speedy reply to your question, i may if allowed , point out that the button was manefactured in three peices, firstly, the obverse was crimped over the reverse after the third peice, the button hole loop was placed as a sandwich between the two, in my humble and some what questioned opinion, this appears, from the given pictures to be of two peice manefacture thus placing this to be sadly and with remorse a fourth reich item , this is said with no ill feeling or malice to anyone reading this or posting subsiquently. the totenkopf skull was not a seperate peice in construction. thank you
    thanks for your response kind sir ! and many thanks for the photos Fenix82, very nice looking button by the way ! would you have any idea of the value approx. cheers Al

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    I have some doubts, I don't like the "seam" on the back part around the button, and I think it's a bit different if compared with Feniks one

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    To be honest, i didn't like it anyway, looks to crude. I've had it for a while, and thought I'd show it to get some opinions,

    Thanks anyway, one for the bin me thinks

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    Hi John, I would agree with Dimas. What appears to be a possible casting flaw on the reverse should not be present.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    Thanks to all, for some very constructive, and honest opinions

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    Default Re: SS Skull

    The following two pics show the latest generation fake 1194/40, pics courtsey of Bob Hritz.

    Note this one is correctly made, three peice construction.

    Cheers, Ade.
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