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SS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniform

Article about: I hope this shot of the tag came out. I will try to send more. An old German lady I know said it looked like Pumptz and that was a German surname. The name is also on the pants. Thanks for a

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    Doug, WOW!!

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    Circuit advertisement SS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniform
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    That does look like Pumptz. But I defer to FB and others who read the German script far better than I.

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    SS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformSS StandartEnfuhrer black dress uniformHere are some more shots of the uniform. Thanks Jim.

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    In my opinion this uniform is bad to the bone.Fake tags,cufftitle and a poor copy of a Golden Party Badge.Perhaps the tunic may originate from the early SS years but I do not think so.Wait then for more opinions from Mr.Coleman,F-B and others that are much more entitled to this matter than I am.

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    The insignia on the uniform are definitely reproduction. There are not enough pictures to make a judgement on the tunic itself. Regardless, I am sorry to say that this is something you should seek a refund on as it is clearly not what it appears to be. We have an unlisted colonel supposedly from the ranks of the most prestigious unit in the SS. There are laundry tags that list the name with a non SS rank. The gold party badge is also not an original example. As a perspective, a genuine black tunic to a Standartenfuhrer attached to the LAH should command a retail price of around $20,000+ in today's market. I certainly hope you did not pay anywhere near this amount. Please inform us of the source of this piece. Was it a dealer or a collector? If you are going to collect SS material, please understand that it is a minefield in collecting and you should do a great deal of study before investing hard earned money. I hope you are able to secure a refund on this piece.


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    As has been said, all is bad. Tunic itself requires better photos for these eyes but why bother, execute a refund post haste as Bob has indicated.

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    Thanks you gentlemen. I am sorry also. I felt that I could trust the collector I bought the uniform from and can only believe that he was fooled also. I did not pay a large sum for it. Are you certain the rzm tag is a fake? Jim

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    Actually the RZM tag might be ok, needs a head on picture of it flat but again its a moot point, I would get your refund.

    The words "did not pay a large sum for it" and LAH Standartenfuhrer black tunic do not mix.

    The words "I felt I could trust the collector" and buying SS items also do not mix.

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    This could be one of the insignia stripped black tunics that came out of Russia 20+ years ago. Regardless, as Doug said, it is bad and requires a refund. If you are new at this, it is important to get a feeling for the true retail value of things. If something is unbelievably low in price, there usually is a reason. Please note my estimate on what a legitimate tunic would cost. If named, it would jump at least 50%. Any standartenfuhrer in the LAH would be a known comodity and records of him would certainly exist. I believe you have enough ammunition of FACTS to return this piece. If the seller refuses, you know what his character is.


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    Thanks again Bob it is great to have a source to contact with questions. I am interested instating a collection of authentic pieces and am willing to pay a fair price as long as I know they are real. Can you direct me to a detailed book that I can use as a reference, and maybe some websites that you feel are trustworthy to buy items from? Also when you had a minute it would be great to see some close ups of original tags, insignia, etc. to use as comparison. Thanks again, and if you have chance I just posted some pis of a panzer uniform a different collector has for sale and would appreciate your opinion regarding them. Jim

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