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SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

Article about: I want to ask our respected community about these two examples, unfortunately the back side will post later, due of the owner will make it today afternoon. My IMO is good, but any other opin

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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    The collar tab and cuff title are both fine originals and would have a place in my, or any SS collector's, collection.

    Congratulations on a wonderful find.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    It bothers me when I see unquestionable original pieces trashed by individuals who do not have even the basic knowledge to form an opinion. I jumped in early on this thread and stated my opinion when others were casting stones. Both items are wonderful original pieces. I joined this forum with the understanding that negative opinions would only be tolerated when the author of same has the basic knowledge to back up their opinion. Although edited, I have found this thread troubling and makies me question my future here.


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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    Please Bob, you are very important part this forum and to loose a quality knowledgeable person such as your self will very damaging.

    I totally agree with the statement of casting stones and i wish at times their opinions would be substantiated with a degree of common knowledge but those type of responses are common in any forum and has to be accepted or just plain ignored.

    I can be guilty as the next person for not stating any fact or reasonable explanation for my opinion and without thinking an uncalled for response is posted to a particular thread. We as forum members have a responsibility for what our reply may be in the fact that others are reading your post and should be substantiated with their opinion of why or why not.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    Hi all , why has this become a touchy subject ? Surely , through healthy debate , a satisfactory conclusion will be attained . The poster of this thread , Dimas , has stated that he was happy that all opinions would be appreciated , and through this , the less experienced of us gain knowledge , which is king , and we all learn something new all the time Concerns were raised and their reasons explained . With the explanations of experienced and esteemed members of this forum , it is great to be able to examine an item and think , ah , i have a much better idea as to it`s authenticity , due to discussions made here ! This is fun and enjoyable , can`t we keep it like that Please Bob ,your input in to this forum is greatly appreciated , and we all like it to stay that way . Just voicing my thoughts ,

    cheers Al

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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    It would be a sad loss to this forum, if you decided to leave.

    No one questions your knowledge, or your integrity.

    Admittedly, I initially questioned both items, one because of their rarity, and 2 it was just an opinion but based on evidence that i could see. But I tried to base my opinion on facts, not conjecture.

    OK when the rear of the cuff was shown, i back tracked and held my hands up high. A healthy debate is good, but it did start to wander off track on occasions. The collar tab probably is right, but personally I do not care for it. And I've been told that I'm wrong by a very knowledgeable collector in SS cloth

    But hey, one of the reasons that I applaud this forum is its ability to remain neutral on all fronts. No name calling, or mud slinging. If this superb forum starts to go down that road, with knowledgeable collectors disappearing because they fell attacked personally, it will be a sad day for me, and a lot of others. We all have busy lives to lead, outside of the forum. And I will have to take a break for a few weeks as i have a dissertation to finish for a degree I am doing, Don't even consider leaving Bob, and that goes for Mr Hritz too. You are wanted, and respected. After all you can't leave it all up to Ade

    Of course this is just my opinion

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    Default Re: SS TK, Oberbayern and SS TK-k collartab

    Gents, this is getting out of hand. I am closing this thread.

    Cheers, Ade.

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