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SS Tunic

Article about: Hello Gentlemen, I am definitely saying to myself "here we go again" when it comes to SS items especially tunics. A friend of mine forwarded these photos to me. I am posting this t

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    Default SS Tunic

    Hello Gentlemen,
    I am definitely saying to myself "here we go again" when it comes to SS items especially tunics. A friend of mine forwarded these photos to me. I am posting this to see if it has any chance of it having an authentic thread on it. The pictures are not the greatest and this is just a car ride away. Thank you for your time and generous efforts to prevent disappointment after money spent.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Tunic   SS Tunic  

    SS Tunic   SS Tunic  

    SS Tunic   SS Tunic  

    SS Tunic   SS Tunic  

    SS Tunic   SS Tunic  

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    your right
    Attached Images Attached Images SS Tunic 

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    Quote by hawkins View Post
    your right
    Lol thanks!!! Was not holding my breath!

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    my opinion too.

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    There are more images of original black SS tunics on this forum than anywhere else on the 'net. Please compare.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    It is the custom of this Forum when an item is called a fake, reasons for that judgement be given. This makes the thread an educational tool unlike similar threads on other forums where fake is allowed to stand without any question. Therefore, please expand on your opinion.


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    Hello Anzel,

    Thank you for posting the tunic. I believe, as the others, that this tunic is an attempt to trick someone, based on my observations and what I have gathered from mentors. My reasons are as follows:

    Starting with the insignia, the cuff title is the most obvious indicator of originality, or, lack thereof. Do look at the weave of the base material and the embroidery. This is what it should look like:
    SS Tunic
    This is not my property, photo is of one in FB's collection

    The party armband is recognizable as a stinker without even needing to see the front, note the coloration of the armband and the material used on the black stripes.
    SS Tunic
    The above is from my collection, the attached armband is genuine, the other, a fake that I got duped by

    Next, note the color/depth and type of textile used to construct the body of the tunic. I suppose it is possible, as physical examples exist, that this could have been made in a lower grade material (Tuch) of the period, of which this item is not, but, at this rank I would expect to see a higher grade of Trikot or other upgraded material like gabardine employed. The textiles of the period had an entirely different process of dying than that which is found today and the appearance of this item does not match that depth of black that one finds in period items. The modern textiles will absorb light differently and, as such, appear, for lack of a better word, ashen under certain lighting. It is a deep black that modern synthetic dyes just do not replicate and once you compare the modern fakes side by side with period items it becomes apparent. I have never seen anything remotely close to Trikot of the period, as shown below, that was produced in recent time. If anyone has, please let me know as I would love a bespoke suit to be made from it.

    As an example, this is an item "found" and not likely taken the best care of (it is filthy) but, compare the textile to what is found in the subject of inquiry. Contrast the subtle difference in cut of the tunic as well.
    SS Tunic
    SS Tunic

    The following is an example of the upgraded Trikot material I refer to above:
    SS Tunic

    Compare the textiles between this example and that of the subject item of this thread.

    Finally, examine the cut of the tunic and the tailoring. I can already see modern techniques in the small number of photos that are posted. A much closer examination should, and likely will, reveal some divergence from the diagrams one sees that tailors used to fashion the items during the period.
    SS Tunic
    SS Tunic

    This list above is not inclusive, there are many other factors, but, this is a start. Sorry that the particular tunic at the top of the thread is not a good one. The hunt continues for original material.


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    Unqustionable repro, but I'am wondering about the cuff- someone can done the fake machine embroidery / border on the wowen flatwire type cuff, which has never been produced without inscription, but wowen together with inscription. So the way is a fakers can reproduce the wowen cuffs- be affraid to became a new fake generation

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    Yes. This one is no good.

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