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ss tunic help

Article about: My thoughts exactly, alarm bells!

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    Default ss tunic help

    i may have chance of a lah tunic and two ss caps , now i know very little on tunics infact zilch,, but the guy is going to send me some pics,apparently it has a adolf hitler cufftitle plus feldgendarmerie and the usual runes etc with field repairs, what pics should i ask for ?

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Hello sscrooge.

    I'd say look at the insignia of course, and how it's applied, but also the size stampings as well as the lining. Do you know what model tunic it is, i.e., M36, M39 M40, M43??? If it's got a Feldgendarmerie cuff title on it I would think that the shoulder strap should reflect that with piping in orange. That's another thing to look at too... the construction of the straps.

    Also, is this someone you know or have an established purchasing history with? Also, if the price is a bargain, most likely that will answer your question on originality.

    Look forward to seeing you photos ... I hope that are nice an sharp too.
    All the best,

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Also on the construction of the tunic itself, especially around the bottom of the arms, its where most people forget to look. And the lining, and the stitching, under the pocket flaps. Don't forget if it is a 36, it will have 3 belt hook ramps, but look for traces of an eagle on the breast pocket (although that doesn't automatically condemn it) and all of the above from Dave.

    Hope it turns out to be good for you

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Thanks guys i will try my best at getting some good pics of these areas, the guy doesnt collect this stuff hes an antique dealer and came across it , i can only wait and see fingers crossed ,, cheers Dave

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    I hope that its a good one for you. Good Luck!
    All the best,

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    just been in contact with seller he tells me its dated 35 as well as numerous other stamps , the colour on shoulder straps is a reddish colour with lah on them,it has ss feldgendarmerie and adolf hitler cufftitles , removable collar that buttons in,hopefully should have some pics in next couple of days,,fingers crossed

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Hi Dave, I look forwards to seeing the pics. I hope it is good.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Did I hear 2 caps as well Dave?!
    Got my fingers crossed for you.

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Hi Ben, yes two caps, one is what sounds to be an m43 with skull insignia and two buttons also the peak underneath has thumbing marks with taking it off, the other is described as a side cap with insignia removed but an ss stamp inside, just hope its good stuff,,,

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    Default Re: ss tunic help

    Hi Dave, the sound of an "SS stamp inside" would worry me. But the pics will tell the story.

    Cheers, Ade.

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