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SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

Article about: True, once your lot get that SOPA thing introduced we're all up \\$hit creek in a barbed wire canoe!

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    Default SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    At the SOS, a German dealer showed up with a large number of well made fake SS tuxedo badges. This is the first time an accurate copy was made mimicking accurately the back side of said badge. He marketed them as original to many of the major American dealers stating he only had three. However, as greed took over and he moved a large number of them, the truth became clear to all involved. I did not have a chance to see one of them. However, a trusted friend who knows what a real badge looks like was taken in. Fortunately, he was able to reverse the deal with the individual. Eventually, one of these will turn up on a web site and can be discussed at that time.


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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    Hi Bob, I have heard about this too, but I have yet to see a pic.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    there is a thread about these new fake badges with pictures and info on the maroon site. It makes interesting reading. Thanks Mr. Coleman for the notice here.
    SS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    Despite the most earnest efforts,it was only a matter of time,I suppose, until someone finally got a hold of an original....which one next, I wonder?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    SS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertI followed this farce on the other site. Let us say, in the first instance, that the fetish object of this badge has always mystified me as to why anyone would assign it much worth. I can see some interest in a complete Gesellschaftsanzug of note, but the badge is horribly ugly and scarcely worth the .60 rpfg it originally cost. In the second instance, since the no. German dealer has a somewhat controversial reputation ( I am pulling my punches), and figures in this country have done much to compromise his business, do you not think it possible that this caper was deliberate to destroy the credibility of such persons in a globalized market? I am not a conspiracy theory person, in fact; far from it, I think most conspiracy theories demonstrate the stupidity of their authors. However, the question is who profits from making a number of leading U.S. figures look like a bunch of jack asses? Qui bono?
    Even if the money is secondary, the collateral damage as to authority and reputation adheres like falll out long after the blast and mushroom cloud have passed. That is, the goal is not money, but the destruction of competition and sewing general mayhem, which is pretty common in the present.
    In any case, as long as I have collected this material, I have known cunning people who deliberately set out to destroy the reputation and authority of others with such sleight of hand and trickery. Many of my friends here know the same, three bags full.
    And, the design of these badges was compromised long ago, just as have details of other SS regalia been promiscuously furnished to the dishonest for ill gotten gain.

    There are also the others here who enjoy the failure of those of whom they are jealous, so such a thing is also appetizing from said aspect.

    There are those who only can thrive on fear and doubt.
    Such also heightens my own person and deeply felt disdain for "sculls" of most types.

    May the aluminum pest consume these things and those who treat them like the Maltese Falcon.

    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 03-09-2012 at 02:22 AM.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    SS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertSS Tuxedo Badge Fake AlertMight I add a further thought as concerns all of this, for those of you who might have read the more than 25 pages of hysteria, paranoia, and calumny on the other site. Certain collectors of SS regalia routinely intimidate and bully newcomers in order to reduce the number of hunters and gatherers of this rare and expensive things. A glamor dealer of my distant acquaintance, whose bad manners and dishonesty have become globalized, often purposely told innocent people that their things were fake, only to buy them later. Here one sees, also, collectors engage in bad behavior of spreading anxiety and fear into those of lesser knowledge in what is of benefit in the winnowing out of competition. Thus, the no German dealer deals a knock out blow to his U.S. competition; the U.S. competition reverts to its normal ill informed means of analysis of things, with no recourse to any primary sources, or historical data of a bomb proof type. Bodacious gun show old wives' tales pour forth in a deafening roar and the result is terror among the faint of heart and generalize fear and loathing among those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    The Maltese Falcon piece is too powerful to describe. And there is no attractive woman here, either, unless the north German dressed in bobo black is gender bending, which is possible.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    Fakers always seem to like this one for some reason. I feel it is only a matter of time before these start to circulate around through back channels. Its sad how hard it is getting to buy anything in this field now.


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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    What picture is that? A cat? :P

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    Quote by Normandie View Post
    What picture is that? A cat? :P
    The terrier on the leash somewhere in Vienna is an allegory for the enraged "scull" collector, at least in my sense of artistic license which I use here freely and without any apology. For those without literary sense, as well as any taste for the ironic, these images are: the illustration of the evening dress in the Kleiderkasse SS catalog; a comely Austrian illegal Nazi, i.e. woman, as the same in the Maltese Falcon, but none in the "broach" caper; an SS whistle, as in "whistle blower,"'; Ritter, Tod und Teufel as an allegory (look it up....); Nietzsche, Zarathustra, with the piece on the same good damn thing over and over again as a test (read the book....); mad dog (self evident, don't you think?); a bread line with starving women; and the original offering of "sculls" in former times at their real, modest worth.SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 03-10-2012 at 10:24 PM.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Tuxedo Badge Fake Alert

    this new fake was part of a hoard said to have been discovered by the german dealer kai winkler , a batch of 100 it seems. these were touted around the sos and many were fooled . i understand one collector was taken for $19000 in the purchase of one. craig gottlieb is said to have been taken also for two of them , he should have swapped the biredshead dagger for them . lot of money tossed away on these thurds. i wonder will this episode be put down as another honest mistake by an expert dealer ..LOL..please sir can i have my money back ?.....pavel

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