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Article about: Another specimen from my mysterious acquaintance... I really wish he would just allow ME to take the images... In any case, it is what it is. I'll ask for more...

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    Default re: SS-TV NCO Set

    I saw original TK nco field tunic without silver/black piping and with digit, from an old soviet source, and the same with the snake under, they was taked away from the battlefield in 1941 year and sent to Russian museums. But in our case the skull's hand embroidery made with wrong template, 4 teeth, and too fat lower part, plus some of the other mistakes. The tresse on the collar and board seems to me postwar GDR made. Normally the vertical machine embroidered tab as shown by John is exact official Totenkopf collartab for that period and tunic

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    Fake, half-fake, or whatever the case may be - here are a few more images:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS-TV NCO Set   SS-TV NCO Set  

    SS-TV NCO Set   SS-TV NCO Set  

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set

    I think everyone here knows it is representative of what TV looked like. I have been collecting for over 50 years and my main collecting interest is TK units under Eicke. This tunic has good and bad on it in my opinion. Sorry, to me it's a TV wanabe. It certainly would be nice to really check it out while in hand, but that would prob. only solidify the current negative concerns.

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set


    Your experience, insight, and opinion are greatly valued here. I for one commend you for taking the time to state such.

    IMO, even the most comprehensive collections put together by the most experienced collectors have questionable items contained therein - in any case.
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set

    Perhaps a senior collector has some authentic examples to counterpoise to the piece illustrated here?

    Of course, authentic grey uniforms of the SS TV in intact condition are especially rare. One should bear in mind that the end strength of the SS TV in 1938 was less than 10,000 troops.

    I am also sure one can share examples of authentic pieces in such a way as to avoid enabling the fakers and the criminals.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set

    I can take a hint. Vertually all my tunics are in safe storage elswhere, however I will see what I can locate.
    Bob Hritz, where are you, don't you also have some handy info to assist with?

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set

    Of course, the major pictorial source of existing pieces of this genre are the Beaver books, so no one has to violate any secrets or their own privacy. Maybe someone should scan an image from one of the three volumes that is germane. I only own one of said volumes.

    However, those of us who have built this site under the guidance of Adrian Stevenson want to set a high standard.

    Grey SS uniforms are a source of endless rancor, bile and hatred, actually, if I can generalize from my experience of the other sites. They are almost like nuclear weapons, so one must treat them with utmost care. I do not collect them, and never have. I respect others who do, surely, but also ask that we employ this site to do more good than harm. We can preclude these deadly sins from creeping in here by our adherence to a goal of education and enlightenment.

    However, no one should be forced to do something against their wishes, so the above is merely a polite request. But if you look at my some 1600 or more posts here (which I began before this site became popular...), I have tried to add value in pictorial material to go along with my opinion of a piece or to use illustrations to show aspects of interest. Bob Hritz and Bob Coleman have done the same, as have many other persons of merit here.

    The unseen and unremarked collector who has posted his material deserves also a fair shake as the merits and deficiencies of his property. Some of his material is extraordinarily rare and significant, even if this piece may have serious flaws.

    I also know that there is a hard core group of collectors of SS TV and related material in the US and abroad, who own some astonishing pieces. I have downloaded many of the images from these collectors that have made it into the public realm, but I cannot claim any intimate knowledge of all this regalia, and all the contractors, for instance, of alu wire collar patches and the like.

    Once more, my statement above relies on the voluntary contribution of the community, and is not a challenge in an offensive manner. But this site has become popular because it contains things of merit.

    Happy regalia.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS-TV NCO Set

    Quote by RichieC View Post
    even the most comprehensive collections put together by the most experienced collectors have questionable items contained therein - in any case.
    I seem to remember a certain thread on the WAF some time ago, regarding an SS panzer wrap, that caused quite a stir.

    Getting back to the tunic in question, in my humble opinion, these VT tunics should be viewed with complete scepticism. Because of their rarity, and the fact they fetch quite a lot of money. I view them as wrong first, and then analyse.
    It may be the wrong way to go about things, but not so long ago, there was, on a well "respected" dealers site a 37 VT tunic.
    It was good, boy, did it look the part, but I saw it in hand, and it would fool most (in fact it fooled somebody because it sold.....for a very high price) but when it was scrutinised, there were lots of anomalies, and eventually I found the true story regarding this tunic. from a source from a source ect:

    Sad to think that some one some where is sitting at home admiring their beloved tunic, and it is not what they thought it was............ Personally, it grieves me to think that, and that's why i will never make a true living out of dealing.....because I have a conscience, and things that are wrong bother me
    I would love that tunic to be 100% right, but somehow, i still stick by my original assumption

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