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SS Uniform Opinion Request.

Article about: Hi, I have posted this SS uniform to see if it is authentic. Thanks in advance, Jeff

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    Default SS Uniform Opinion Request.


    I have posted this SS uniform to see if it is authentic.

    Thanks in advance, Jeff

    Name:  IMG_0342.JPG
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Size:  95.5 KBName:  IMG_0420.JPG
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Size:  36.6 KBName:  IMG_0445.JPG
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    This is a poor repro low quality

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    Thanks for the reply, Can anyone tell me a couple of bad points about it?

    Thanks again..

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    Very sorry. As stated the whole things is repro.

    We have a lot of original SS sleeve eagles featured on the forum to compare to.

    Cuff title: see my pinned thread on Bevo SS cuff titles. Original Hohenstaufen titles: the shape of the font used for the letter "H". The cross bar to the letter "H" is always higher than center on originals. A search on "Hohenstaufen" will bring up mine and other originals.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    100% Repro yep !

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    Thanks again for the help, all worked out well in the end with the seller.

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