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ss uniforms of the willy schumacher collection

Article about: by Friedrich-Berthold Thanks for the images. We are grateful to have these things so nicely arranged here. Schumacher used to post on one of the other sites, but was lynched by the envious a

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    Thank you very much for sharing Willy.

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    I don't believe, and feel free to double check me, but they shouldn't be wearing a ribbon in the buttonhole on that uniform. I think they go to medal bars at that point. I actually have two of these Luftwaffe dress outfits. One is the flight lieutenant with a white linen vest but no trousers. The second one is an Oberstleutnant from the Hermann Goring Division with straight leg trousers. It may or may not have the vest too. My flight Leutnant has loops for a Spanish Cross/DKiG, flight clasp, and two badges (EK1 and Pilot). It was tailor made in 1937.

    Y'all are welcome. I have always believed in sharing my collection with others. You can find many of my pieces in books, i.e. Mike Beaver's books on camouflaged uniforms and uniforms of the Waffen-SS.


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    SS-Obersturmfuhrer of Engineers Uniform from the Deutschland Regiment. Early (SS-VT) tunic in the classic SS M1937 style except for the added dark-green wool collar. All insignia is hand-sewn. This is NOT a white uniform, but dark-gray. It has been weathered to a sunbaked light color. WH shoulder boards with Gothic metal "D" ciphers (gilt has flaked off) and early gilt pips. Buttons attached with metal rings. Tunic came with matching shorts and SS officer buckle and black leather belt. Bought this in 1978 but I won't tell you the price! Cap is black piped for engineers and manufactured by Clemens-Wagner... one of the very few piped caps I believe is right.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Thumbs up

    The ribbon is not in a button hole, it is pinned to 2 thread loops sewn on the jacket.

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    Here are some of the stuff that didn't get on the row of pictures.

    Here is my SS-Obergruppenfuhrer.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SS-Obergruppenfuhrer.jpg 
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    Quote by Panzer Crewman View Post
    Here is my SS-Obergruppenfuhrer.
    Exemplary piece!
    However did you come across it?

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    I bought it back when I got almost everything from George Petersen. It is an impressive piece and missing the silver bullion sleeve eagle. The interior label is Wilhelm Holter's and the original owner's name has been cut out. This was not far from where they were conducting experiments on prisoners.

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    Congratulations, not only a wonderful and almost unique item but an impressive (and expensive) array of awards and accoutrements to the tunic. Well done!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wsc-32_front_right_quarter.jpg 
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ID:	941405Thanks. I've always considered my general officers as very special, especially when you consider the fakes that have come out over the years being officered by all those auction houses. I have a JUNK folder in which I keep photographs of certain pieces for the record. You'd be surprised at the number of bad SS generals there are, and many named to famous SS generals. These auction houses swear up and down they are real. Of course they make money selling things --- good or bad. Now as rare as a genuine SS general's tunic is, here is something even tougher to get. An SS general's service cap! This is not one of those 35-40 SS general's service caps at shows selling for $1,500. Those are all fakes. I had this at a MAX show and was walking to a friend's table because he wanted to see it. I passed some guy who was heading in the opposite direction. He caught a glimpse of my cap and almost dislocated parts of his body trying to turn around. He caught up with me and asked if he could see it. Once in his hands he proclaimed, "This is the real thing." He then proceeded to try to buy it. I frustrated him because I don't sell stuff. This cap was manufactured by an RZM-approved tailor in Vienna.

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    Wow...just wow...

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