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ss uniforms of the willy schumacher collection

Article about: by Friedrich-Berthold Thanks for the images. We are grateful to have these things so nicely arranged here. Schumacher used to post on one of the other sites, but was lynched by the envious a

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    Thank you for the incredible photographs you have posted as well as the historical information to go along with them. But I would like to ask a question a little off topic and that is, how do you transport your collection to set up at shows without risking damage to the uniforms or insignia? You are obviously not laying them in the trunk of your car! Thanks again, Bob

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    I dress the upper torso mannequins with the tunics and usually badges. Then I sit them in the captain's chairs and bench seat in the back of the minivan. I seat belt them in. Once at the show I put them up on the table, adjust the height and then finish dressing them. I reverse the process coming home. Each night of the show I take my hats with me. Hats disappear too easily. They may just sit in a box in the minivan, but they are not on the heads.

    You can see one of my exhibits here. I had a custom-made display shield made to set up so people couldn't touch --- what a God send. I've never had anything stolen, knock on wood.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    CBH is online now


    I guess you can take the Carpool Lane on the way to the show ! Thanks again for posting

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    My commuting to work never took me near HOV lanes. And I've heard of people trying to scam the system. I wouldn't even try it. Besides the HOV lanes are usually bumper-to-bumper.

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    ss uniforms of the willy schumacher collectionss uniforms of the willy schumacher collectionss uniforms of the willy schumacher collection

    Here is another tunic that didn't make it into the initial row of photos. This is a standard Waffen-SS Sahariana jacket. This is made from a heavy twill cotton material with dark-brown glass buttons (SS-RZM marked and dated 1941 and 1942), bevo tropical sleeve eagle and SS-Unterscharfuhrer of Transport shoulder straps. Compare this one to the other Sahariana jacket. The other one is custom-made, lightweight cotton in a different shade of tan (this one is sun bleached), no size stencils, standard uniform buttons, embroidered sleeve eagle and killer shoulder straps for SS-Oberscharfuhrer of Technical Troops or Support. These guys went out to repair depots and fixed what the troops couldn't.

    This Sahariana jacket has replacement shoulder straps, the original panzer straps were fakes. Shea replaced them with these, which are tropical with the white tress. It also met one of my criteria for Waffenfarben (transport).


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    I am speechless...congrats again and again for your () collection, Willi!

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    I've always been happy to share photos, as well as knowledge and experience, with my fellow collector. Thank you and enjoy the photos.

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    Here is another Waffen-SS tunic that is not included in the original grouping from 2010. This is my SS-Unterscharfuhrer of Kavallerie tunic from SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 15, 8. SS-Kavallerie-Division "Florian Geyer". I acquired this from a friend who was in the Army and stationed in Heidelberg. He found a local family who had a relative who fought in the cavalry during the war. The family still had his daily and walk out dress tunics and my friend acquired both of them; passing the walk out dress to me. The shoulder straps have a metal "1" on them, which means the original owner probably started out with the SS-Totenkopf-Kavallerie-Standarte, then SS-Totenkopf-Kavallerie-Standarte 1, then SS-Kavallerie-Standarte 1, then SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 1, then SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 15. He probably wore a Totenkopf collar tab at one point, and maybe an SS-Kavallerie-Division cuffband. The Florian Geyer Division was decimated in Budapest in 1945. The remnants were combined with 22. SS-Kavallerie-Division to form the 37. SS-Kavallerie-Division, which took a further beating from the Soviets. Any of these Waffen-SS formations that were destroyed on the Eastern Front means that the uniforms are difficult to get. You're more likely to acquire their walk out dress uniform that they left at home for furlough.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ss uniforms of the willy schumacher collection  

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    The first picture is Uniforms of the Kriegsmarine. Since I lost 2/3rds of my monthly income, I can no longer afford to exhibit. Every one of the KM tunics, caps and KM life preserver are now for sale. The second from left, Korvettenkapitan is already gone. Send for list:
    In the second photo, the three tunics to the left are available. The Florian Geyer is not for sale.
    Out of the third photo, nothing is for sale. ''. LW, KM and WH for sale but not the Waffen-SS.

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    The mannequins are dressed in their uniform and put in the back seats with seat belts fastened.

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