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SS VT light weight open neck details

Article about: But you will only find a topic like this on this forum. Thanks for sharing, great reference. Pat

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    Default SS VT light weight open neck details

    Just would like to share some details about light weight VT open neck tailor details.
    Quite common to see this details on light weight used tunic cloth.
    Reinforced stitches in the lapels to be more stiff.
    French cuffs reverse stitched on, bottom section stiffener made of horse hair cloth.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    Can we see the rest! Thanks for sharing Robert.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    Robert shows us the marvelous detail of these items which the fakers cannot duplicate and which the beginner would do well to study with care.
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    Readers of the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished website will have noted that, in the view of the declasse savant loud mouths, all SS things are now completely worthless and suitable for shredding.

    We are glad that Robert works against such a curious trend and shares his fine treasures with us here.
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details


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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    FB thanks for your activity's here on this forum.

    I know sources of tailors in Germany where many dealers probably order what ever it they want.
    For my point of view it is more easy to detect a fake insignia then those days tunics.
    But still they lack of certain details and hopefully the original cloth is sometime or maybe not available anymore.
    Seen balls of original black cloth material purchased from one source many years ago, what has done to it we / I just can thought
    about it. Green open neck is quite harder to find, and this is the only one ever found so far.
    Also the black tunics are not growing on the trees, and that is why I could not find one out from picker or collector sources since some years already.
    And that is why I thought to share some possible mostly unknown details of material and tailoring. No, don't like to share all I have fully, my natural habit sorry.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    Thanks, Robert.
    I have bought black uniforms recently, but hardly at knock down prices, and now there don't seem to be any on the market that I can see.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    I have seen recently made uniforms, but none of them really equals an original and something that is five years old is quite a different thing than an object that is eighty years old.
    I have collected these things since the late 1960s, which enables me to have a somewhat different perspective on the issue.
    In the late 1960s, no high end fakes existed of the kind that suffocate the biotope.
    In recent times, I have learned the inner history of uniform tailoring via the primary sources, the signal fact of which is or was the shortage of uniform tailors in the III. Reich.
    A major effort had to unfold on various fronts to re train or train persons to tailor uniforms or to make them in a factory.
    I cannot imagine that the FRG of today has anywhere near the number of uniform tailors as in the III. Reich. I know that such is impossible for various reasons.
    That is, the skills and craft that Robert shows with the items from his collection are hardly the common property of the tailor around the corner.
    All of the newly made uniforms I have seen are fairly obvious as such....
    There is a reason to be cautious, but there is no reason to fuel the fires of internet driven paranoia and hysteria any more than necessary.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    I found a well worn grey SS open collared uniform without insignia in the Nollendorfplatz antique bazaar in then West Berlin in January 1975 for ten dollars. I sold it Heinz von Hungen, who never restored it. One could plainly see where the SS insignia had been, but it had been stripped.....
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: SS VT light weight open neck details

    Topic like this are rarer than a crusher...
    Thank you Robert

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