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ss vt officers tunic

Article about: i thought i would put this up

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    With the positive written expertises of Messrs Jenking sna Shea, you will satisfy 99% of all collectors. Make sure you keep these written expertises for the future to answer any questions, should you ever sell/trade your tunic and trousers.

    Bob Hritz

    Bob Hritz

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    Quote by panzer2 View Post
    if any one has been giving low minded attacks i think you need to read some of you undermining remarkes ,
    Your tunic, if my memory serves, was originally sold by Norbert Graetz of N and T militaria. Others will inform you of the fate of this man and of much of the material he sold. It went from there to a western US collector, with whom I had a nice correspondence and then this party dissolved his collection. Authorities greater than I have suggested to you problems with aspects of your tunic.
    You are free to think I am an arrogant fool and that my posts are somehow deficient. You can also imagine that I actually do not own any Nazi stuff and what I have written in 5,000 posts is some wet dream and a fantasy. I am not going to get into a further stupid exchange with you about your property. I would not buy this tunic for the reasons that Bob Hritz outlined to you. I also do not have to prove to you what is my property and what is not, and your attempt to cast doubt on same is more than bizarre if not larcenous and maybe even felonious.

    In any case, as I wrote above, you can question my authority all you want, but the manner in which you do so has done nothing to increase your own reputation here and if you collect material of this rarity and cost only by reference to 3d parties with a vested interest in selling you more, then you are certain to have much heart break. No attempt by you to impeach the authority of others will change certain difficult facts, or "facks" as you so aptly call them.

    Moreover, I respect Peter Jenkins and Bill Shea very much, but I am also free to disagree with them, if I so wish. I would normally do so privately, in a manner that is keeping with my own sense of decorum and fairness. They can surely disagree with me and perhaps they should for the well being of such overwhelmed "collectors" as yourself. I am sure they would listen carefully to my opinion and respond to whatever differences we might have with the evidence in a manner suitable for further inquiry. They would also do so in clear English and they would not suggest that I did not own a collection, in fact. A lot of bizarre things happen, but that is really bizarre to be sure, since they like to buy things from me. Two of these tunics did I own for a few years and then sell. They came at some point via Shea, which is immaterial. But own then I surely did, and for some years. I am under no obligation to disclose how I have collected, especially in the face of such an outrageous assertion as contained above the motive of which is transparent and hateful. Various persons of adequate reputation can attest to the existence of my collection for many decades, in fact, but I shall not extend this information to you, as your behavior is so erratic that to do so would be foolish. This thread began with an attempt to help you, and your response has been to assassinate my authority, which you are free to try to do, as much as you wish. That in return you may have to read some things that are unpleasant to you and your affect proves the German saying: "Wie man in den Wald ruft, so schallt es wider!"

    Good luck. Also, you have seriously violated the rules here, you have been warned about it by others who have extended you courtesy which you have not reciprocated, and you continue to violate the rules. This is behavior suited for the other website or some place else.

    This thread also suggests why the collecting of NS regalia probably has the same poor future as do various other human undertakings of some merit in the face of a digital-ized, Lexus and the Olive Tree world turned upside down, since the have nots are so easily able to disenfranchise the haves with whatever balderdash and claptrap unfolds in their sophomoric minds at the key board.

    I try to use the spell check here on the site so as to spell properly in my struggle with the "facks."
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 04-10-2011 at 03:49 AM.
    damit, basta.

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    Panzer 2, i have been following this thread with some interest which has now turned to what i think are uneccessary remarks being addressed to someone who has tried to impart some considerable knowledge which has been obtained over many years of stalwart and deep research into all aspects of the manufacture and subsequent make up of these black cloth uniforms and associated insignias, it is sometimes very hard to accept views that are given , especially as they do not appear favourable towards an item that was posted for discussion, also there is the monetary aspect involved, this uniform i daresay would have cost a great deal of hard earned cash, that in itself is hard to come to terms with if there is doubt cast upon it, you have stated that perhaps FB should reread the comments made by Mr Hritz, perhaps you should as well, he has made a number of observations that to him would not be favourable in his owning this item,he requested that you give the reference area from the Beaver book, you have not done so, please remember that all books on a particular subject are not always correct, mistakes are made, yet you seem adamant that you have a truly authentic item, when people are trying to be kind and saying perhaps this is not the case, you are going by comments and opinions given from other well known officionados of the collecting fraternity, yet fail to admit that these same people have asked FB for his comments and knowledge on the given subject, i am in no way an expert on the subject of SS uniforms as it is a very complicated discipline, but i for one would be well advised to listen to the one person who has devoted so much of his time and expense to this subject, not only by research but by owning a great many of these uniforms, knowledge comes from study and hands on experience, and in that vain FB has both, we are fortunate on this forum that we have some of the most knowledgable exponents of the collecting fraternity and it does noone any credit to impune their reputation, insult their views, or to otherwise suggest that their motives are anything other than to enrich this hobby of ours by way of passing on information that would take most of us a lifetime to glean from official untranslated reference material.

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    Default Re: ss vt officers tunic

    I am closing this thread as it no longer is about the tunic, but personal problems.

    Bob Hritz

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