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ss watch ??

Article about: Wasn't sure where to ask about this watch.

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    Default ss watch ??

    Wasn't sure where to ask about this watch.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a real watch.jpg 
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ID:	193856Click image for larger version. 

Name:	monogram.jpg 
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Name:	ss watch.jpg 
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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    Hi I would appreciate any help as to real or not. These images were sent to me by a friend who has the opportunity to purchase but I've never seen a watch like this and if real have no idea as to values. regards

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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    First I'm not an expert at all in real or fakes but there was a thread not so long a go about these kind of watches.
    It was said that they were usualy russian made postwar fakes.
    Ask your friend if he can get pictures of the inside where the mecanical parts are there must be a serial number, makers mark and date.
    If the guy can't or won't provide them I would pass.


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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	inside watch.jpg 
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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    This was the only other picture but I will try to get more . thanks again.

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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    Try to find the thread about those watches here, there was a link to a specialised forum in old watches.
    I think they will be much more of help to you than I can be.


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    Default Re: ss watch ??


    The 'Alpina' brand of watches were formed in 1909 by a conglomerate of Swiss, German and American manufacturers who were part of the 'Union Horologere'. The company as such was broken up in 1917 due partly to the war, (the Americans pulled out when they entered the war.) The Swiss element became part of the Rolex company.

    Watches were produced for the German military in WW2 by the swiss, but the logo on the face was an 'A' inside a circle that was itself inside a triangle. The faces were nearly always black with luminol markings as per most military timepieces.

    The german side of 'Alpina' was reformed in 1946. The watch you have was most certainly produced in the 1909 - 1917 period as the style of logo on it is no longer seen after that time. Furthermore, the embossed shield and wreath on the back of the case is contemporary with that time and not any later, and is for a purely civilian market.

    The shield on which the SS sigrunes lie is wrong. It should not be scalloped on the left hand top corner unless it signifies the LSAAH Panzer division.

    All this shows is that the watch has been messed with postwar with the intention to deceive, it is a fantasy piece. Value wise, a nice original 'Alpina' pocket watch without the crappy runes is worth around the $50 - $80 mark.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Default Re: ss watch ??

    This forum is the best! As always a great source of knowledge. Many thanks r

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