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SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake)

Article about: Here's an item I came across while browsing the various militaria sites. At first glance, this armband has the characteristics you look for: horizontal ribs in the roundel and black stripes,

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    Well, the collection thus far consists of an M1/24 Overhoff cap skull, a tagged SS sports shirt patch, and the armband. I'm still waiting to hear back from a dealer with regard to a beautiful SS former HJ sleeve diamond I inquired about... Future items of interest include a runic collar tab, a 1st class marksman sleeve diamond, and perhaps a sleeve eagle (although I definitely need to study up on the eagles before I start looking around for one).

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    Circuit advertisement SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake)
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    Quote by daveward View Post
    Ade, your advice is sound. Your suggestions are helpful, and your statements are all true. However, this was the whole point of my post... I think all of us know that these are the things to do, but it's just something that takes time. We're still going to post in the meantime until we can accomplish all of those things, so to be reminded of it every time we start a thread becomes a little frustrating... I am not looking for an "SS app" or a free ride here, but I'd like to be able start a discussion about interesting items without being told to handle real ones and study the available material each time when I'm already working toward that with each passing day. I know that such suggestions are often made to help us, but they often imply that we are lazy and just want this stuff handed to us, which is not true (for me at least).

    Dear Dave,

    It is clear to me that you have spent time familiarizing yourself with the minutia of these SS items and have a desire to broaden that knowledge. If I thought otherwise, I would not have taken the time to participate in this thread. Please understand, when I state that the next step is an in-hand inspection, I am merely indicating that you are at the upper threshold of the knowledge one can gather from reviewing photos and published descriptions of the subject item. We all lead busy personal and professional lives and I am painfully aware of how much time, effort, and money one must invest to become a successful collector- I am reminded of the barriers new collectors face on a daily basis. I also understand and share your frustrations of having limited access to authentic materials, these things are in the hands of very few people and it means one must assume greater financial risk when taking those first steps. There are, unfortunately, no internships in collecting SS regalia. You and other informed collectors, however, possess the one thing that people trying to take advantage of you abhor...knowledge. Have confidence in your decision making and go forward, just do not do so with reckless abandon.

    Best of luck and kindest regards,


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    CMH, I'm honored by your words, and I'd like to thank you for those encouraging comments. Whenever I make up my mind to do something, I resolve myself to do it to the best of my ability. My efforts with regard to collecting will be no different. I'm excited over my first acquisitions, and I know that my newfound firsthand knowledge will help me to become a better collector. You can rest assured that I will do my best to fully study and authenticate any item before I decide to add it to my collection. Thanks again for your help and support!

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    I can empathize with daveward here. I also understand exactly what Ade and the rest of you mean. Sometimes I'll take a chance on items without posting them here, doing my best to research them beforehand, mainly because I don't want to be imposing on the kind people here. Some people here are springs of knowledge that happily gush forth, others want us to work a little harder in the hopes we'll get better. Both want us to mature as collectors, and I respect that, and am thankful for any help I can get along the way.

    SS items are some I have tended to stay away from thus far because I'm not experienced enough to differentiate this level of faking (this is the big leagues in this hobby it appears), they're expensive risks if you aren't experienced, and my collecting style isn't ever going to be focused on SS to the point all the study will be as helpful as perhaps spending my time in other areas of collecting. I'd like to pick up maybe a few common items like an armband, visor skull, and sleeve patch, so that I have representation in my collection. But, after that I'm probably at the top of my ability to afford the items. So, in my case, it's not a desire for instant gratification so much as collecting focus combined with limited time and funds, and like Dave there's little options in my area to see the items in hand.

    I am planning to go to SOS next year with a friend when we can both take off. I've even been able to use the knowledge I have learned here to help him get into the hobby with a few of the common pieces I started with. I've made special donations to the site in honor of those who've helped me as well. When I get items, I take the time to set up a photo booth having purchased special supplies for this, and take as good of photos as I can so that I can contribute to this forum as an informational archive for others like myself. My point being here, while it may seem like you all are giving away knowledge to ungrateful newbies all the time, you may be surprised how much all the helpful advice, and at times free knowledge, has radiated forth in ways you don't get to see.

    The way I see it, those of us here who want to protect the integrity of the original items and ensure they have a place in future generations are in this together. Along with the wealth of knowledge that has come from the internet, there is also a wealth of deception out there. I'm going to do my best when I get the opportunity to attack and discredit fakes whenever I see them within the best of my growing knowledge, if not for the potentially ungrateful person asking about them, then for the hobby and out of respect for the history that I have so enjoyed being a part of here.

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    I agree with everything posted here, a somewhat rarity lol...I started collecting as a child in the 70s,but unfortunately for my hobby i was doing this in Australia.Almost all Australians will tell you,it was near impossible to get any TR stuff that wasnt heavily faked. The main source here was a place that identified itself as a museum but out the back were producing fakes in their thousands, they did mail order with big impressive catalogs full of amazing things,All "genuine" fakes!! Many collectors i know only knew these fakes and even now half will claim originality on these dodgy items..In the early 90s i spent 2k on a collection from one of the largest auction houses, all guaranteed original,only to realize years later that every single German item was a fake. The internet and this site in particular has without a doubt saved me thousands. I was so disheartened from being duped i stop collecting any German stuff till 3 years ago. Now being surrounded by original British and Australian gear for over 40yrs i know most of it back to front, but on the German side, i learn every day..and i agree with Dave, that due to location it can be extremely hard to even view most of these items,its only through me being able to spend time in Europe each year with the right people that i have been able to touch and smell authentic items...sorry for the diatribe..i agree with all points raised

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    For the record here are some close up shots of my example, minus tag unfortunately

    Attached Images Attached Images SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake) SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake) SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake) SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake) 
    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Dave decided to pass on this one and was gracious enough to let me know where it's being sold. I'm considering it now, and asked for better images of the roundel and the RZM tag. DrCMH has eagle eyes! There is a stamp on the tag, 27 something for sure. The seller provided some nice photos as well:

    SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake)

    SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake)

    SS wool armband w/ cloth tag (possible fake)

    The construction is similar to what I've seen on wool NSDAP examples I have, the roundel has an oval shape I'm told is something to look for, and the RZM tag looks a lot better in the new photo. Close ups look good compared to the other armbands construction I've looked at here. Seriously considering getting this one, but SS stuff still makes me nervous since it's so heavily faked and so well faked.
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    The RZM tag looks a lot better now that I see it up close! That's a "275" stamp for sure! Check out the picture of Glenn's party armband that he posted in my other armband thread and you'll see the same stamp (I've seen it on many armbands). The more I see this one, the more I like it... It seems like a pristine, unworn example! Wait for a few opinions from the others, but if they approve of it (and I think they will), snap it up!!!

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    Thanks Dave for the reply. If this is a good one, it's exactly what I've been keeping an eye out for for going on a year now. There have been really nice ones, but minty ones have been scarce. I've reached the limits of my knowledge on these, so perhaps it's time to "sally forth" as FB says.

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    It's certainly rare to see one in such amazing condition. It would make a fine addition to any collection! As soon as one of the experts gives the OK, commence sallying!

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