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Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )

Article about: revised with the help of the newsletter of the RZM and supplemented. the Admission department includes the following subsections: (From 1935 until 1945) W = wool D = uniforms K = apparel ite

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Steinnussknoepfe are a kind of button made from a tropical tree of a kind I cannot really decipher.
    Allow me to assist: When used in buttons, the material it is known as "Corozo". Otherwise known as "vegetable ivory" or "tagua nut", it is made from the seeds of certain palm trees.

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Translation remains an art, and it is best done by people who are fluent in languages.
    Hear, hear! We are still a long way from the point when online translation tools will provide truly useful translations. The results are still quite awful and often comical; at best, they just about enable one to catch the general drift of a text.

    Here's my attempt at a hopefully accurate translation of the list:

    "The authorization department includes the following subsections:

    W = Wool
    D = Service dress
    K = Clothing retailers
    B = Cotton
    A = Equipment
    L = Leather
    M = Metal
    V = Retail outlets (replaced by code letter "E" for "Einzelhandel" ca. 1937)
    G = Wholesale
    H = Sales representatives

    Subsection Wool comprises the groups:

    W1 = Cloth factories for all cloths
    W2 = Cloth factories for DAF cloths only
    W3 = Cap cloth factories
    W4 = Badgecloth factories
    W5 = Felt factories
    W6 = Cloth merchants for all cloths
    W7 = Cloth merchants for DAF cloths only
    W8 = Retail outlets for HJ ski tricot, DJ blouse cloth, BDM summer- and winter skirt cloths
    W9 = Felt wholesalers
    W10 = Wool blanket factories
    W11 = Wage enterprises*

    Subsection Uniforms comprises the groups:

    D1 = Bespoke and consignment tailors
    D2 = Ready-to-wear clothing enterprises and clothing factories
    D3 = Domestic supply cooperatives
    D4 = Bespoke tailoring for the Festanzug** of the DAF
    D5 = Artisanal and industrial manufacturing, wholesale and retail of own products
    D6 = Manufacture of boot-cut, ankle- and knee-length trousers, HJ- winter- and ski blouses
    D7 = Manufacturers of BDM-jackets and -skirts
    D8 = Manufacturers of BDM-skirts and -blouses

    Subsection Clothing Retailers includes the following groups:

    K1 = BDM-clothing - sale
    K2 = DAF-suits - sale
    K3 = DAF-suits - large-scale production
    K4 = Sale of finished service clothing for male uniformed personnel
    K5 = Sale of sports uniforms

    Subsection Cotton comprises the groups:

    B1 = Manufacture of twill
    B2 = Manufacture of corduroy
    B3 = Manufacture of torso lining
    B4 = Manufacture of sleeve lining
    B5 = Manufacture of wadding linen
    B6 = Manufacture of horsehair lining
    B7 = Manufcature of tie cloths
    B8 = Finishing of twill
    B9 = Manufacture of corduroy
    B10 = Manufacture of jersey material
    B11 = Manufacture of torso lining
    B12 = Manufacture of sleeve lining
    B13 = Dyeing of sewing thread
    B14 = Self-suppliers and wholesalers of woven goods
    B15 = Resale of corduroy
    B16 = Lining cloth wholesale
    B17 = Resale of sleeve lining
    B17a = Contractees for the dyeing of raw fabrics / cloth group "d"
    B18 = Manufacture of service shirts, brownshirts, sports pants, scarves and neckcloths
    B18a = Bespoke tailoring of service blouses and brownshirts
    B18b = Manufacture of service blouses and brownshirts
    B18c = Manufacture of service blouses, brown- and HJ-shirts
    B18d = Execution of wagework on behalf of the Reichszeugmeisterei
    B19 = Manufacture of tricot brownshirts, sports shirts, swimsuits and tracksuits
    B20 = Manufacture of ties
    B21 = Manufacture of rain capes of the HJ, BDM, NSKK, SA, Marine SA

    Subsection Equipment includes the following groups:

    A1 = Cap factories
    A2 = Cap makers
    A3 = Sale of DAF caps
    A3 / S = Obtaining of national insignia for caps
    A4 = Cloth insignia manufacturers
    A5 = Cap band manufacturers
    A6 = Hosiery manufacturers
    A7 = Shelter quarter- and bread bag manufacturers
    A8 = Leather button manufacturers
    A9 = Moulded material button manufacturers
    A10 = Corozo button manufacturers
    A11 = Cloth insignia auxiliary companies
    A12 = Hosiery auxiliary companies
    A13 = Medal ribbon manufacturers

    Subsection Leather comprises the following groups:

    L1 = Leather factories
    L2 = Leather goods factories
    L3 = Tornister pack factories
    L4 = Master saddlers
    L5 = Belt factories
    L6 = Crash helmet factories
    L7 = Shoe factories

    Subsection Metal comprises the following groups:

    M1 = Metal badge manufacturers
    M2 = Metal badge auxiliary companies (dagger accessories and enamel work)
    M3 = Emblems manufacturers
    M 3 f = Manufactures of official seals for the NSDAP, its divisions and affiliated organizations
    M4 = Belt buckle manufacturers
    M5 = Uniform accoutrements manufacturers
    M5a = Buttons
    M5b = Belthooks
    M5c = Carabiner hooks
    M5d = Fittings
    M6 = Aluminum goods manufacturer
    M7 = Dagger and sheath knife manufacturers
    M8 = Metal accessories manufacturers (tent pegs, spades)
    M9 = Meeting- and event badge manufacturers
    M10 = Musical instruments manufacturers
    M11 = Long Service Awards
    M12 = Manufacturers of medal bar backing plates, medal bars and ribbon bows (no miniatures)

    Subsection Retail Outlets comprises the following groups: (known as "Brown Shop")

    V1 = For all items
    V2 = Badges only
    V3 = Leather gear including equipment only
    V4 = Equipment and badges only
    V5 = Caps only
    V6 = Caps and badges only
    V7 = Caps, equipment and badges only
    V8 = Brownshirts and badges only
    V9 = Brownshirts and brown cloth only
    V10 = Musical instruments and accessories
    V11 = Shelter quarters, tornister packs, canteens, drinking cups, bread bags, mess kit and spades only
    V12 = HJ- hiking knives only
    E13 = Sale of regulation footwear for HJ and BDM only
    E14 = Sale of pennants and vehicle accessories, fender poles, hood ornaments, car plaques and decorations only
    E14a = Sale of aluminum foil-covered pressed cardboard emblems only
    E15 = Sale of official party flags only
    E16 = Sale of Party long service awards only

    Subsection Wholesale comprises the groups:

    G1 = Clothing, equipment, badges
    G2 = Tailors' commodities (leather buttons for HJ, SA cufflinks, belthooks, cloth insignia)
    G3 = Tailors' commodities (excluding cloth insignia)
    G4 = Button wholesalers
    G5 = PO-buttons
    G6 = Metal badges
    G7 = Cloth insignia
    G8 = Leather goods
    G9 = Saddlery (Belt buckles, twin-claw buckles, fittings for leather goods)
    G10 = Caps, cap parts, cap badges
    G11 = Hosiery
    G12 = Equipment (mess kits, drinking cups, canteens, tornister packs)
    G13 = Emblems, NS-vehicle accessories (hood ornaments, plaques, pennant poles)
    G14 = HJ hiking knives
    G15 = HJ- and BDM-footwear
    G16a = Musical instruments, swallows nests, leather accessories, drum hooks
    G17 = Sports clothing"

    *) Lohnbetriebe are companies providing "outsourced" work/services on behalf of other companies.

    **) The dark blue civilian-style suit worn by male DAF members for festive occasions
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    Circuit advertisement Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )
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    Thanks for the improved translation HPL2008

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    Brown Load is a digital concoction with especially unpleasant associations.

    Long live Andreas!
    damit, basta.

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    Thank you, everyone, for the information and translations.

    Now I have a better understanding of the following tag...

    Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )

    Thanks again,


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    The riddles in enigmas shrouded in mystery.

    Here we have a nice group of cooperative, intelligent and able personages to disentangle all these issues.

    My thanks to you all.
    damit, basta.

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    Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )no man can say.....
    damit, basta.

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    according to the 1938 RZM manufacturing-regulations the M2 - Hilfsbetriebe
    (auxiliary companies) were classified as:
    a) general (allgemeine Hilfsbetriebe);
    b) galvanizing (Galvanisieren);
    c) soldering (Löten). It may be of interest that such auxiliaries were practicaly all located at Lüdenscheid;
    d) enameling (Emaillieren). It may be of interest that such auxiliaries were practically all located at Pforzheim;
    e) pressing/moulding (Pressen);
    f) galvanising, grinding and polishing (Galvanisieren, Schleifen, Polieren);
    g) striking/pressing (Prägen, Pressen);
    h) striking (Prägen)

    Many auxiliaries were helping out manufacturers that made buckles and such stuff, especially with c), e) and g/h)!
    As far as I know M7 could have numbers like M7/H25. The H stands for auxiliary company. This is stated in the
    one or the other Mitteilungsblatt from early 1941. Note they were NOT an M2 concern.

    M11 was divided in companies that made the bronze NSDAP award and did enameling; concerns that only did
    enameling and concerns that ony did make the bronze one;
    M12 included some concerns that made miniatures for the NSDAP awards. The Mitteilungsblatt from March 8,
    1941 mentioned a number of M 12 which only made miniatures for the NSDAP awards.
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    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Subdivision of the RZM ( 1935 -1945 )eine Praegeanstalt, "pre" RZM....
    damit, basta.

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