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A tale of 2 runes.

Article about: SSamir As requested please find attached an obverse and reverse of the good rune that I previously posted. I have also posted an embroidered or "bullion" rune with it because this

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    Default A tale of 2 runes.

    A tale of 2 runes.Firstly, I would like to apologise for having to post this thread but as I have not see either of these 2 runes before I thought that I would seek some assistance from the forum.Both of the runes are on wool backing.
    The second rune shows some wear but at only 4cm wide I think it may be an old fake.However I am only guessing that this may be the case.A tale of 2 runes.
    The first rune is another that I am not familiar with, it looks like a late war bullion rune but without the aluminium wire and although it looks white in the photo, it actually looks like the colour of light brown paper in real life.
    Please note, as ever, I have reversed the placement of these photos prior to posting so I had to adjust my text to suit.
    I would welcome any comments re the attached and will not be offended if both of these turn out to be well known copies.

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    Circuit advertisement A tale of 2 runes.
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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Just realised that I made a mistake with the width of the second rune as it should read 4 millimeteres not 4 cm.I still work in inches myself.

    Wow - 82 views and no response- not even on my mistake.

    This must be a dull thread.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Not a dull thread buddy, just none of us that have viewed the thread can hazard a guess. Need to have the SS guys tell you.
    It would help a bunch if you showed the back of the tabs. That can tell a lot. The pics shown aren't enough to tell for me.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    both appear fake im sorry to say,george w

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Can you send a photo of the back side of these as well.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Can supply a picture of the reverse of rune 1 tomorrow but not for rune 2.Although, I will try and take a better shot of it from another angle.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    The firs tab is Original.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Thank you carlsson, I thought this was good which is why I included it in my favourite SS items post but would not use it on a tunic without confirmation of originality.

    I will now be able to add it to my M44 and complete the tunic.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    Hi Bochmann,

    Interesting tab you have there (Top one). Would you be kind enough to post pics of the entire tab, front & back? Thanks. =)


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    Default Re: A tale of 2 runes.

    The second tab's runes do not even match each other. An old fake, as you said, would be my estimate.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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