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Are these men wearing Summer Dress SS uniforms?

Article about: The collar tabs have no markings. I think this group is SS but am not sure.

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    I have read that the Allgemeine-SS white summer service tunic was first authorised in June 1939, for wear between 1st April and 30th September each year.

    As far as the identity of the men are concerned, I recall that it has been suggested elsewhere that they may be a group from another organisation inducted into the SS for some specific purpose. For example, I understand that the agricultural experts serving in the occupied territories came from the Reichsnährstand but were given an SS rank. Given that the SS became such a huge empire, encompassing diverse activities, it is easy to imagine it needing to call on all sorts of technicians and administrators to keep it functioning.

    Regarding them being from some foreign organisation, as Patrick says, they seems to be wearing the brown shirt and seem to have the NSDAP party badge on their ties, although the picture isn't clear enough to be certain.


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    Nothing in their insignia or the cut of their uniforms points towards them being from a foreign (by which I mean non-German) organization; certainly not the Dutch NSB or WA, as they wore blackshirts. Also, as DrPMC has already pointed out, note that they are wearing party badges on their ties.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Yarmouth will not be able to post larger scans or supply additional information, as he has been banned.

    As for the white uniform: Yes; it was officially introduced as an officers' summer uniform with an order of 27th June 1939, but prior to that white tunics had already worn by SS personnel of all ranks during the 1936 Summer Olympics.

    As for my thoughts on the group, please see this parallel thread in the photos/papers/propaganda section:

    Are these men wearing Summer Dress SS uniforms?

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