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Ulric of england

Article about: Apologies if this has been discussed before (couldn't find much on them through a search) but I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this company? They deal online, by their own admission to

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    Quote by Mac 66 View Post
    Never dealt with them but they sound like a dealer for the millionaires with posh accents

    Would rather deal with down to earth people that sell items at a true price,

    Why do these Ulrich chaps act like snobs ?
    Usually insecure or believe that some how selling military relics makes them special. It doesn't.
    Assumed superiority is just that. Assumed.

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    High prices I think can be accepted in collecting militaria and it is their business if they don't want to sell the item for a reasonable price, however a bad attitude towards a customer is just rude and preventing sales because they believe they are superior is just bad business. If you have to state your upmarket your probably not.

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    Trust me here, people...there are, indeed, Much worse out there than Ulric....W+H ,to abbreviate their names, comes to mind...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I see a three hole fake SA buckle on page four of their buckle listings.

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    Royal penis envy.

    Steve of Oklahoma.

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    Martin of The Shire

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    Hi Mike,

    You may have moved on from the original item that spawned your question, but I'll add my own experience to the thread here for what it's worth. I've bought and consigned items through Ulric of England. He is a collector and a dealer and as you can see, has some very high end items listed. Just like most militaria dealers, he is not current when it comes to modern marketing and customer service practices. That said, I have never had anything remotely close to an issue with Ulric. He has always been very pleasant, polite, and helpful. He's been collecting since the 70s, so I think where people start to feel rubbed the wrong way is when they email a question in and don't get a response. Especially if they email a request for more photos. Dealers get photo requests all the time, and if they think that you're not an interested buyer, you may get no answer. Part of that may be deliberate, but part of that is also related to communication preferences. Some people communicate better on the phone versus email, and vice versa. So it's best to find out what works best and proceed accordingly.

    The solution here is to call him. He's much better on the phone vs. email, so my recommendation to you would be to contact him with any questions or requests you may have. I personally think that too many people nowadays have come to rely on the internet and no longer pick up the phone - this applies to everything, not just collecting. I see it happen in the work force daily.
    I know that is not the best customer service - and I agree with that - but as soon as you let go of that concern and pick up the phone, your experience with most dealers will improve. Most of these dealers are older and are not as good with communicating over email. It's a commonality in dealing with an older generation.

    Best regards,


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