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Ulrich Graf, the early years and Hitlers old fighters

Article about: by Nigel Lesgate Thanks for that info....exactly what I was wondering. The mindset and hostility that permeated those post war years created a broad umbrella of the 'guilt by association' fa

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    Ulrich Graf, the early years and Hitlers old fightersUlrich Graf, the early years and Hitlers old fighters

    Maybe I can contribute these early ballot papers, hopefully they fit into the thread.
    I've no idea why the pics are sideways and I can't rotate them. Sorry boys.

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    Circuit advertisement Ulrich Graf, the early years and Hitlers old fighters
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    Can anyone identify this item? An award of some sort?

    Ulrich Graf, the early years and Hitlers old fighters

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    Can anyone identify this item? An award of some sort?
    Yes; its an unofficial, Weimar-era award from the RKL, the Ring der Nationalen Kraftfahrt- u Luftfahrt-Bewegung [= Association of the National Motoring- and Aviation-Movement].

    The one worn in this photograph is that organization's Sportadler [= Sports Eagle].

    (Later photos of Schreck show him with a higher grade award, the Sportkranz [= Sports Wreath], which is the same basic eagle placed diagonally in a wreath modelled on the one found on Imperial-era aviation badges. That one can also bee seen on early photos of Göring and Hühnlein, by the way. Have a look here: Ailsby Collection: Honour Badge of the National Motor and Air Travel Circle )

    The RKL's eagle badges came in the following classes:

    • Dienstadler [Service Eagle] in Black and Bronze grades [= eagle]
    • Ehrennadel [Honor Pin] in Bronze, Silver and Gold grades [= eagle in a diamond-shaped border]
    • Sportadler [Sports Eagle] in Silver and Gold Grades [= eagle placed on wider wings]
    • Sportkranz [Sports Wreath] in Silver and Gold Grades [= eagle placed on wider wings with a wreath]

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    Interesting badge. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for the background info, Glenn & HPL.

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    Thank you HPL, can't be too many of these Ring der Nationalen Kraftfahrt- u Luftfahrt-Bewegungs floating about these days I'd wager.

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    Quote by d'alquen View Post
    Although it's not strictly speaking an early photograph, being from 1936, but as it still features 'Old Fighters' you might like this casual shot of Grimminger talking to Streicher prior to the anniversary march on the 9th of November.
    Grimminger has to be one of the most stoic characters of the day. He has the trace of a smile on his Ausweiss photo and in the shot you posted looks to be having a chuckle of sorts! Thanks for posting.

    Note also the Bavarian Police in their spike helmets! I'm unsure just how long the spike helmets were allowed by regs to be worn, but they can be seen in many parade shots in the early TR era.....Riefenstahls films etc. If anyone has details please elaborate, thanks. My hunch is they're toast after '33-34....just about everything went Nazi....?
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    Quote by DougB View Post
    2 very early SS-Potisches Berietschaften Himmler lightweight parade helmets, one with hand rendered white in black SS runes, the other with white on black decal (the only one known and perhaps the rarest SS helmet in existence) both with the mobile hakenkreuz decals, all insignia well aged and appropriate for the early evolutionary period.
    I noticed an iPad induced spelling error, it should read Politisches Berietschaften....also my spelling of the German language at times is less than accurate. Same for English.... I have a photo I recently bought enroute from Germany, once it arrives I will post the period pics in a separate post with watermarks.

    That is if it arrives before my annual journey south for Christmas...priorities my friends. :-)

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    I thought "Bereitschaften".....? Key word "bereit" ie: to make ready or prepare.

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    On another note; Graf did prison time and died in 1950. Does anyone have info on what charges were brought against him? Was curious if he did die in prison.

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    Is this a Toelz collar tab?
    Wonder what the cuffband says?

    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Incredible content Gents!!...the amount of history in these rare photos..leaves the collector / historian breathless. I could not possible add anything to this except to stand off to the side and listen to the teachers. Great thread!! Regards Larry

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