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Very Rare SS-Sanitats Arm Patch

Article about: It's been awhile since I posted to the forum. I thought I would start again with an extremely rare SS-Sanitats arm patch. I've owned three or four of the standard type used by the SA on thei

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    We are very lucky that Wim writes his books so we can learn from them and then he teaches us more here in open exchange with his followers.

    I am not aware of other authors or other vest pocket experts who do so. Knowledge is only useful if you spread it around. It is like money.
    If you hoard it, and no one can make use of it in various ways, what does that achieve in the end?

    Thanks, Wim. We are always grateful.

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    Circuit advertisement Very Rare SS-Sanitats Arm Patch
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    If one of you wants a project, it would not be difficult to use Mollo's framework and include the data and illustrations we have amassed here over ten years to bulk it up
    as it were.
    I am not going to do it, because I have a real job in which I actually write books to a deadline, and so forth. I also am responsible for the work of dozens of others
    at a high level of complexity.
    But the SS rubric here and other things include a wealth of hither to unknown unknowns which deserve a conventional narrative in an old fashioned form.
    As much as people are delighted by the panoptikum of digital mirth, it is much harder to learn from it, as our travail here demonstrates.

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    The three volume European edited work on SS uniforms of recent date and the glamor dealer's black SS book are, in my jaundiced view, real losers, so the market is wide open. The enduring merit of Mollo is his clear link of the uniform to the organizational evolution. A lot of persons don't make this key intellectual step, either because they are just too dumb, or they are not interested and simply want death cult kitsch in their sitting room. I can understand the latter, but if you want to understand the thing,
    then the evolution over the twenty years the thing existed is the key insight. It is at the base of really everything we do here. It is also in Wim's books, too, because
    he employs the same theoretical model as does Mollo, a chronological one versus the odd cut and paste of the other books, which array a random group of items
    with a very, very weak sense of context.

    I am sure there are many who are highly irritated by what I have written here, but some of you actually do figure it out and some of you succeed in the process.
    We salute you. And for those of you who imagine you are dressed as little boys in Hitler clothes in 1933, this website is not intended for your sicko fantasies
    and digital exhibitionism.
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    Hi jHAM,

    I was wondering if you had managed to find the website source of the photo at the top of page 5 please? Even the country of origin of the website would be useful. BW Bob

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